Weekend Reads 3.3.19

Time for another late-on-Sunday installment of health/sports/running news items that I find interesting. I’m going to keep this one short, as I’m in the middle of working on a race recap for a 5K I ran earlier today! I’m trying to get those out a little sooner these days.

While I’m here, how crazy is the weather lately? It barely snowed here in NYC all winter, and then we got a bunch on Saturday morning, and it’s snowing again now and will into the morning. Like, we had all winter for this, guys. It’s too late! We’re want spring now. Come on.

Here are some things to read. Enjoy!

  • I loved this charming article about Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs, two of the world’s best shot-putters, and currently traveling the world competing in events that will likely culminate in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. (Crouser won gold at the 2016 Olympics and Kovacs won silver.) The article caught my eye because I competed in both shot put and discus during my very brief stint on junior high school track. I learned some interesting things in the article, like how much math is involved in predicting where the shot put will land. Also, I love how much these guys have to eat – so much that one of them actually says “I don’t even like food anymore.” I wish I required 5000 calories a day. Or do I? I wonder if I could ever get sick of food.
  • Uh, did you all know that professional bridge players have to undergo drug testing? And that doping can happen… in bridge? That’s bridge, as in the card game. And that’s doping, as in taking performance-enhancing drugs. Truly one of the strangest stories I’ve read lately.
  • Here’s an article that came out about a month ago – I had forgotten I’d bookmarked it. It’s about morning people and night owls and whichever one you identify as may be connected to your genomes. Morning people, obviously, go to bed earlier, and they also report a higher level of general well-being – although researchers wonder if well-being is connected more to a sleep-wake cycle that aligns with one’s chronotype. Anyway, it’s interesting to me because I used to be someone who was able to stay up very late, and over the past few years I’ve slowly become a morning person. These days, I’m in bed by 10 pm and up at 5:30 am, not because of any job, but because that’s what I prefer.
  • I don’t remember where I stumbled upon this story but Nick Butter is an athlete currently circling the globe with the intention of running a marathon in every single country – most within days of each other. It’s nuts (in a good way). That’s 196 marathons in 196 countries. He’s doing it all to raise money for prostate cancer. Incredible.
  • Finally, I’ve saved my favorite story of the week for last. If you pay attention to running news, you may have seen it. I think this is going to need extra bullet points.
    • Apparently, “fitness model” Bre Tiesi and her “Playboy model” friend Chloe (or Khloe?) both cheated at the Run Like a Diva half marathon in California, finishing in what would had to have been a record-setting pace. Bre bragged about finishing the race in under two hours with no training.
    • Bre is known for working out and posting selfies and being married to football player Johnny Manziel.
    • Before this week, I had absolutely no clue as to who any of these people were.
    • The story made news on letsrun.com (and its world famous message boards) and then I started seeing it everywhere: USA Today, Inside Edition, People, and Yahoo just to name a few.
    • Apparently, runners were supposed to make two loops of a course and the ladies only made one before going on to the finish.
    • The Instagram pic of Bre after “completing” the race initially had many accusatory comments about her race performance, but mysteriously has been stripped of all comments.
    • Both women were disqualified from the race.
    • Oh, and Johnny Manziel was fired from his football team days before this happened for some reason. I don’t pay attention to football so I don’t care enough to find out why.
    • Just as a reminder, there is a half marathon race called “Run Like a Diva.”
    • I’m not sure why Bre is getting all of the attention when her Playboy model friend was also cheating at her side, but I guess it’s because her husband is famous? I’m honestly not sure.
    • It’s FASCINATING to me that 1) anyone would cheat at any race but especially a small race when there isn’t even prize money on the line and 2) anyone would deny cheating when all the evidence is right there.
    • Anyway, the entire thing is hilarious. It needs to be turned into a Lifetime TV movie or Broadway musical or horror movie or something.

Well, that should do it. Expect a new race recap tomorrow! And as usual, I do not have a photo to accompany this post so here is a picture of my dog sniffing something under the snow.


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