Head Like a Hole: A Very Bad Run That I Did Not Enjoy

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a post about an individual run. I used to do it all the time. When I started this blog, I had a long commute on a train and apparently a lot in me I needed to get out, so I just wrote about every run. Eventually, this got exhausting.

But I think I can do it every now and then. Especially when I had a run like I had today.

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NJ Marathon Training: Week 7

Week 7 of 16 in my training for the New Jersey Marathon was solid. Due to some schedule rearranging, I only ran 5 days instead of 6 (I’ll run 7 the following week), but it was one of my highest mileage weeks ever, topping out at 52.12 miles. (In training for last fall’s NYC Marathon, my weekly mileage only reached above 50 twice.)

The week started out cold and windy but went up to balmy 40s by mid-week. Spring feels right around the corner – at least it did until week 8 started off with temps back down in the 20s. And now snow is in the forecast. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In week 7, I visited Riverbank State Park track twice, tried a resistance band workout for the first time, and ran my longest long run of this training cycle thus far. Here’s the breakdown.

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Weekend Reads 2.24.19

I skipped doing this last week! Honestly, after that insane long run + intervals last Sunday, I was apparently so exhausted I couldn’t even type. I didn’t think it had taken that much out of me.

On that note, although I normally never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight (walking into a clean kitchen first thing in the morning is one of life’s best feelings), for the past two long runs, I’ve left dishes in the sink later that night. I just couldn’t find the energy to even clean a dish.

Even though the weekend is almost over, you can read these articles anytime! Here’s what caught my eye this week.

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NJ Marathon Training: Week 6

Week 6 of my training for the New Jersey Marathon is in the books! Well, spreadsheet. And now it will be on the blog. This was a solid week – one of my highest mileage weeks ever. I am still feeling strong, healthy, and haven’t had any issues with soreness or calf aches the way I did while training for NYC.

I think I’m doing a lot of things right/better this time around! I’ll write about that more below.

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NJ Marathon Training: Week 5

Hey look, another week where I waited until the end of the week to post the training summary for the week before! In fairness to myself, I did want to post the Cupid’s Chase 5K recap first, mostly so I could link to it from here. (Still haven’t gotten word about my trophy!)

This post is about week 5 of my 16-week training plan for the New Jersey Marathon. The first four weeks were the lightest part of the plan and mostly self-coached: running about 40 miles a week five days a week, speed and tempo workouts with my running club the New York Harriers.

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On Thin Ice: Cupid’s Chase 5K Manhattan Race Recap

I signed up for this race back on November 11, which may as well have been 2016 considering how long ago it now feels. It was not a NYRR race but organized by Elite Feats, the same company that does the Huntington Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler and a bunch of other Long Island races I’ve run. I found the race through some site, I forget which, or maybe an email, it doesn’t matter. It was a 5K, it had a flat course, and the start and finish were literally a 5 minute jog from my front door.

Also, the race was to benefit Community Options, an organization that helps people with disabilities, which seemed like a good cause.

So of course I signed up. This was going to be great!!!

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Weekend Reads 2.3.19

This post is just in time for [checks watch]… the very end of the weekend! Better late than never, I guess. Also, I just realized the Super Bowl is happening very soon, which explains the long lines at the supermarket that I saw before turning around on my heels and choosing instead to shop later. Actually, I recall going food shopping last year smack in the middle of the Super Bowl and the supermarket was so fantastically empty, I put the photos on Twitter.

Anyway, here are some interesting reads I came across this week (or before this week)!

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I Watched It: the 1981 NYC Marathon

Note: This is the first in a series of several posts about some old school NYC Marathons (and perhaps other races?). There probably will be nothing all that surprising here if you’ve already seen or participated in these races, but if you haven’t and are curious to know what they were like, then I hope you find this interesting.

I had originally intended to publish it as one long post before the 2018 NYC Marathon but couldn’t get it done in time. So it languished in my drafts until recently when I’ve had more time to finish it. Thank you, unemployment!

I’ve decided to break them up into smaller posts, one for each year’s race I watched. Otherwise, this would be ridiculously long and you would grow very tired of reading it. You might already be tired of reading this. If not, please continue.

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