Weekend Reads 1.27.19

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about composing a weekly write-up where I compile recent stories, articles, posts, and noteworthy items I’ve come across. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do something similar. What’s one more? There’s room for us all!

I tried thinking of some fun alliteration as a title. Friday Finds? Thursday Things to Read? Wednesday… Why Don’t You Read This? After several entire minutes thinking about it, I settled on Weekend Reads. Very catchy, I know! But this way I can post it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and it won’t be wrong.

I’ll probably keep these mostly fitness and health related, but who knows. Anything is possible. Enjoy!

  • Thousands, if not millions, have already seen this story as I just found out it came out three years ago, despite resurfacing recently. Here is the charming 2016 story of a dog running a half marathon (and placing 7th) after he went outside to pee. Also, his name is Ludivine, which is great. (Thank you A Fast Paced Life for the tip!)
  • Distance runner Allie Kieffer and her coach Brad Hudson started a YouTube channel called Brad & Allie TV about a month ago and I just binge-watched all of their videos. She is also refreshingly open about her process on Instagram. I love getting a glimpse behind the workouts of top runners. (Gwen Jorgensen is another runner who has posted quite a few behind-the-scenes looks at her training and her life, although not as frequently lately.)
  • A recent study shows that exercise may help lessen the damage of Alzheimer’s, or at least, keep memory sharp. The study was conducted on mice so whether this would apply to humans is still up in the air – but we all know exercise is good for a lot of things, so I’d say do it as opposed to not.
  • Another study involving mouse brains: this one studied how intense exercise affected the appetites of mice, suggesting that it temporarily lowered their interest in food. I’ve heard runners say that they have no desire to eat following a long run. I do not and cannot identify with those people.
  • This past Friday I attended a talk on runner safety led by RunSafer founder (and Olympic runner and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt) Todd Williams. It was really informative and a good overview of how to fend off attackers. Head on over to his website to learn tips and techniques.

I don’t have photos to accompany this post so here is a photo of my dog thinking a rock was another dog.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads 1.27.19

    1. You know what’s funny? When I was double checking the location of that race, I thought “I could have sworn this happened in Alabama.” I must have seen the correct story at some point. How the hell did it become Canada? Okay I’m going to edit the info so it’s at least accurate. Thank you!


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