Marathon Training: Week 6 Summary

I’ve slacked off on writing in this blog, partly blaming the “lazy summer,” but the truth is, it’s really just “lazy me.” Here’s what happened: I went from commuting from Long Island to the city 5 days a week on the train – and the two hours a day of sitting with my laptop that came with it – to spending all of 10-15 minutes standing on a subway to get to and from work. “But don’t you have more time at home in the morning now?” Yes, sort of. But I’ve been spending more time running. I also have the distraction of this thing called “the internet” and find myself watching countless videos on running form, races, and clips of “The Golden Girls.” So my whole morning routine has been thrown off. I get up at 4:30 or 5am, depending on what I have to do that morning, and still, I have not made enough time to sit down and write.

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Settle Into the Torture: TCS NYC Marathon Training Series 15 Mile Recap

I am writing this “race recap” over a week late, and maybe I’ve been putting it off because I am trying to block it from my mind. It was probably the hardest run I’ve ever done.

The New York Road Runners has three official training runs leading up to the NYC Marathon. I ran the 12 miler last month. This was the 15 miler. (I won’t be running the 18 miler in September because it’s the day after I’m running the Cow Harbor 10K and I’d be stupid to try and run 18 miles the day after an all-out-effort 6.2-mile race. But Ari, you don’t have to run a 10K at an all-out-effort while you’re marathon training! YES I DO.)

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My NYC Marathon Training Plan

I am officially in Week 5 of marathon training, so I thought I would finally get off my ass and write something about it! (Technically, I am literally on my ass at the moment, but you know what I mean.)

For the first time ever, I am following a training plan for a race. I thought this might be the right way to go, as I hadn’t been making the smartest decisions on my own. My runs home from work were a good idea in theory, but I think I did too much too soon. I started getting sore calves a couple of months ago and it hasn’t fully gone away, especially in my right calf. Massage, acupuncture, stretching, rolling, icing, heating, compression sleeves, and ibuprofen have helped. I even started seeing a physical therapist. (I’ll write all about that soon!)

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