800 Repeats & Also Worms

This will be just be a quick post about this morning’s track work at my good old alma mater, Northport High. I drove there and back, something I don’t normally do as the track is only a 11 or 12 minute run from home. But I’ve decided that, at least for the remaining time I’m living here, I want to take advantage of my time and energy on speed work days and use them for the actual speed work itself.


Home of the Giant Tigers

I was really pleased with how it went this morning. There were two other woman at the track when I arrived, both doing what looked like pretty serious workouts. They knew each other (as I later realized) but were doing their own training individually, which I greatly much respect. Working out with other people has always felt weird to me. Do your own thing, that’s what I always say to no one in particular.

Last week was my return to speed work and I kept it easy, doing 4 x 400s with easy 400s in between. Today I had a little more time, so I thought I’d double it. I decided to do 800 repeats with easy 800s. I did four sets of these with a mile warm up for a total of 5 miles. And I was pleasantly pleased by my paces:

1 x 1600 easy
1 x 800 @ 7:40 pace
1 x 800 easy
1 x 800 @ 7:23 pace
1 x 800 easy
1 x 800 @ 7:12 pace
1 x 800 easy
1 x 800 @ 7:22 pace
1 x 800 easy

*easy: 9:40-9:55 pace

These paces are pretty much on par with last week’s 400 repeats, which makes me wonder if I can and should be going faster with the 400s. I honestly thought these 800s would fall between 7:45 and 8:00. That third one shocked me. I’d actually started that one a little slow and thought I was winding down, but wound up speeding up over the two laps around.


Here is a crappy video still to prove I did it

I used my Garmin to track the laps, so these times are all via my watch. I stuck to the outermost lane, which I realized is not the lane to be in if you want to accurately measure one quarter mile. In that lane, one quarter mile is less than one revolution around the track, which makes me think that when I was measuring laps before I got my Garmin last summer, I was probably underestimating how fast I was going.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to get faster, and this is apparently the way to do it. I started this blog shortly after running last September’s Cow Harbor 10K at an 8:48 pace with the ambitious goal of running it the following year at a 7:30 pace. That’s one of my Big Running Goals always in the back of my mind as I look towards this fall’s races – in addition, of course, to completing the NYC Marathon in under four hours. Another beast entirely. But I’ll get to that.


Also, it had rained overnight so there were worms.


3 thoughts on “800 Repeats & Also Worms

  1. I used to love to play with the worms when they came out in the rain when I was little. I figure if i stop in the street in the city now to pick them up it will look pretty strange–good memories though ;).
    Those paces look great girl, looks like the track work is really paying off! It’s funny I’ve got a post set for tomorrow and part of it is like the opposite of this–you underestimated your speed, I think I OVERestimated mine. More work to do ;). Have a great weekend! x

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