Long Run Friday

I decided to do my long run this morning, even though it’s a Friday. I’m running a 5K on Sunday and don’t want to do a long run the day before a race, nor the day of a race, of course. This will be my first “road 5K” since last fall and I want to give it my everything. And with it being Bagel Friday and all, I figured I’d just get the run done today. What better way to prepare for a huge, delicious hunk of bread? One that is most likely, given what I’m envisioning at the moment, smothered in peanut butter and banana?

I’m still working my way back up to my pre-hiatus 14 mile long run; last weekend I did 9.5. Today I thought I’d drop it down to 8. Although I woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual (4:45 am, haters), I still only had about an hour and 20 for the run. So 8 miles it was. It was actually 8.21 miles. Which was fine. More room for peanut butter.


This run was harder than normal, for a few reasons.

  1. It’s a weekday. I sleep less on weekdays and by Friday, I’m feeling it. I sleep a little more on the weekends which just makes running easier.
  2. I only ate 2 coconut date rolls (67 calories each) before the run which is less than I usually eat before a long-ish run. But I knew I’d be eating a big old bagel later in the morning and didn’t want to overdo it.
  3. I ran out of Clif Bloks last weekend so I didn’t bring anything to eat during the run. Don’t worry, I ordered more and they’re on their way.

I started out feeling good, even though it’s still 35 goddamn degrees in mid-April. A little tired, but nothing I’m not used to. It was sunny, at least. I started feeling low on fuel in the 7th and 8th mile. Luckily, the steepest hill (good ol’ James Street, infamously the most difficult part of the Cow Harbor 10K) was already out of the way – I’d hit that in mile 4, and without too much of a struggle.

As often happens during this part of the run, it crossed my mind that only a year ago I was unable to run up James Street without stopping to walk. A couple months later, I ran up it successfully and told my mom as soon as I got home. She was very proud. I haven’t walked any part of it since and do not plan to unless I am literally dying, and then I suppose I would have no choice but to take a short break until I am reincarnated as a dog, hopefully.

ANYWAY, by the time I reached mile 7, I was feeling depleted. I was glad that the rest of the run would be either flat or a very slight, almost imperceptible uphill that barely registers to me as an uphill. It’s still not as easy as flat but at least I didn’t have to conquer another James Street.

About a quarter mile from home is one more steep but not very long hill I can usually handle pretty well. Today it knocked the wind out of me. I didn’t stop to walk, but at the same time I ran up it as what I imagine I will look like when I’m 90. If anyone had seen me I imagine they would have been both delighted and alarmed at the sight of a frail old lady running her heart out, quite possibly a few breaths away from a neighbor’s desperate 911 call.

But I made it. Once the road flattened out I caught my breath and ran the rest of the way home. Total: 8.21 miles.

I’m writing this on the train ride into the city but will post this after I get to work and take my bagel picture. I want to put peanut butter and banana on it today. I brought a banana specifically for this purpose. I’m excited. I’m ready. I cannot wait to eat this damn bagel.


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