Let Me Work It

This morning’s run had me once again in a hat and gloves. At least it’s light out at 6 am now. No more reflective straps or headlamp for the next few months, unless for some reason I need to run pre-dawn, but I can’t imagine why I would.

I took this when I got back home to try to prove to myself that it’s actually spring right now.


Now that I’ve been running steadily for a month after taking the same amount of time off, I’m definitely due for some speed work. Luckily, I no longer have to contend with snow on the high school track – at least that part of winter is over. So I may tackle that soon. It’s time to get my paces up.

Tempo runs are something I’ve never really done regularly. I’m going to start. Now that we’re coming out of the thaw of winter and racing season has started, I have a renewed zest for Being the Best Runner I Can Be. Like anything else worthwhile, this involves work. Work is good. I want to do the work. Bring on the work!

In fact, I am doing another 5K race this weekend! I don’t normally race two weekends in a row, but the former teacher I bumped into this past weekend told me he’s doing it, so I want to do it because: 1) I want to say hi to him again because he was my favorite teacher ever, 2) I want to do a road 5K to see where I’m at. Last weekend’s trail 5K, as with any trail race, was too twisty and turny to give me a clear idea of what my true 5K pace is right now. I’m curious what it is on flat terrain. So let’s find out.

This weekend’s 5K is named in honor of Marcie Mazzola, who I wanted to mention because it’s a story worth knowing. I didn’t know any of this before I signed up, by the way; I only learned about her this week. You can read Marcie’s story here. She was only 21 when she died in a car accident in 2002. At the time of her death, she was involved in a civil lawsuit against a former bus driver who had sexually abused her. The entire story is tragic, but the silver lining, if there is one, is that her family established a foundation in honor of her life and made certain she was remembered.

Yet another reason I feel so grateful to be able to run is just the fact that I’m alive. I think about this a lot. Especially in the past year.

Aaand, deep breath!

Here’s something kind of funny: I looked up the course map for the race. This is literally what is online. This is the official course map.


I think I am going to love this race.

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