The Thawing & My Upcoming Trail Run

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but there’s a chance that winter might finally be over. And I think today was the official turning point.

Yesterday morning was still the same old 30 degree temps we’ve had for the last 839265477 mornings. My thickest gloves still left my fingers frozen on my early morning dog walk, and after my run (where once again I covered my hands with my trusty plush purple socks), it was so cold I tried taking a picture where you could see my breath.


It didn’t really work.

Despite the spring flowers inching their way up toward the sky over the last couple of weeks, it’s still felt like winter every morning. My heavy, sleeping-bag-esque winter coat is due for its annual dry cleaning, but I keep needing to wear it. I really want to get rid of the stain from when I dropped a dollop of peanut butter on it, but with the exception of a day here and there, it hasn’t been warm enough to put it away for the season.

But I think it all might be coming to an end. Here’s the forecast for today and the next few days.


Could it be? Are we done with freezing temps, surprise snowstorms, and being forced to wear coats with month-old peanut butter stains?

As I looked over the new tiny flowers (weeds, actually) coming up on the lawn this morning, it occurred to me that waiting for spring to start is like waiting to be a better runner. It doesn’t happen overnight. You want it to, but it doesn’t, and it’s easy to feel discouraged, resigning yourself to thinking that this is just how it’s going to be forever, no end or improvement in sight. Then one day you wake up and you notice things feel a little different. And you realize that time is actually moving forward, and things are changing for the better – maybe slower than you might have wanted them to, but they are changing.

I have a 5K race this Saturday, my first race since January. It’s called the Doug Wood 5K Trail Run, named for a longtime member of the Northport Running Club who passed away in 2003. I’m excited because it’s my first 5K race since November, it’s on a trail, and it’s in my hometown which means I don’t have to travel far. It’s my first time running it.

I’ve only done one trail race and it was pretty fun. I am 99% sure this one on Saturday involves jumping over logs. I tend to stick to roads – fewer ticks and murderers hang out there – so it’ll be cool to run through the woods for what I hope is 26 minutes or less.

Here’s the course map. It’s in a nature preserve! Sorry nature preserve, you’re getting some human company this weekend.


I did a couple of lower body workouts two days ago – a squats & deadlifts workout and a butt & thigh workout, back to back – which might have been overkill, because my quads have been on fire ever since. I don’t normally get sore from workouts, which only means that I need to focus a little more on my lower body. I ran yesterday despite the soreness, but because I want to be well rested for the race, I decided to lay off my legs Thursday and Friday. I don’t usually not run for two days before a 5K, but lately I’m trying to just listen to my body and do what feels best.

In the meantime, I’m planning to bring my coat to the dry cleaners this weekend.

4 thoughts on “The Thawing & My Upcoming Trail Run

  1. Glad winter is wrapping up for y’all (sorry I’m a Texan can’t help it) Y’all definitely need a break up there!! It is finally back to beautiful weather here after last weekend’s freakish 30 degree temps. I am hoping to be done with wearing my gloves on runs for a while. In other news…best of luck on the trail race! Love me some trails.

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