A Run Down Main & A Plan for My Knee

I ran 4.96 miles this morning and I can’t stop thinking about how much I wish I had just held out for the full 5. It’s hard to justify when I feel short on time – I like to be in the shower by 7:20, and by the time I was done running, it was 7:21. At the same time, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just being anal. The fact that I can run at all is a damn miracle.

I decided to run down to Northport Harbor this morning, something I don’t think I’ve done since the big town Christmas tree was up at the foot of Main Street. This is an out-and-back route I like to do every now and then. I typically prefer loops, but I also like mixing it up and not doing too much of the same thing too often.

This is a very picturesque route. Main Street is lined with a mix of antique shops, cafes and restaurants, art galleries, a candy shop, a theater, an old-fashioned sweet shop that’s been there since 1929. It’s pretty. I’ve written about it before. It’s also nice and quiet, especially at 6:50 in the morning.

I stopped for 30 seconds at the harbor for today’s pic before turning around and heading back.


It’s somewhat of a deceptive course, the first half being a mostly steady decline and the second half the exact opposite. Of course, I always know this going in, but that still doesn’t prevent me from feeling extra confident on my way down. Wow, I feel amazing, I always think as I head towards the water. I’m in fantastic shape. I am so fit. I am a god. But once I make that turnaround and come back up Main, it’s a steady incline for the next mile until a brief stretch of flat gives a bit of reprieve, and I am humbly brought back down to earth and my undoubtedly non-god-like status.

I had a follow-up appointment yesterday with my orthopedist, all of which took five minutes and really could have just taken place over the phone. I’m not sure why patients have to come in for things like that. I didn’t even pay anything, so it’s not the money? Maybe doctors prefer face-to-face interactions because that’s the nice way to do things and I’m just being a jerk. It’s just hard to reconcile being an hour and a half late to work for a five minute conversation. (The fact that the appointment started 45 minutes after it was scheduled did not help.)

But my anxiety about being late to work (which turned out to be fine) was alleviated when the doc came in the room and reiterated what he had told me last week over email: the tenderness in my inner right knee isn’t anything serious. There’s a bit of inflammation and a little fluid in the knee, but nothing that requires me to stop running, THANK THE LORD.

His advice for now is to see if physical therapy can help, and if I see no signs of improvement in a month, then maybe a cortisone shot will do the trick. Apparently, cortisone dries up the fluid and alleviates discomfort.

He also recommended not doing too much too soon and to keep doing what I’m doing, which is increasing my long runs slowly. I need to build up that base again. And he said icing the knee for 15 minutes after a run, regardless of whether or not it hurts, isn’t a bad idea.

I’m writing all of this in part to let you know what’s up with me, but also, if you’re experiencing similar symptoms, here is some free advice, no copay – or waiting – required.

So I’m going to look into physical therapy. I want to see what is and is not covered by my insurance. Also, my aunt was a physical therapist for a long time and I am certain I can mine her for free advice, speaking of free advice. I’m just happy I can run. It is, indeed, a damn miracle.

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