The Lovely Bones

I haven’t written here all week, partly because I haven’t run and partly because I’ve been unusually busy. Also, when I don’t run, I feel less of a need to write in this blog. My knee is slowly getting better – I think. I’ve had this dull, achy, inner right knee thing for maybe a week and a half. It’s not what I would describe as “pain,” but more “wonky.” I ran 4 miles on it last Friday, not feeling it at all during the run, but it also didn’t go away afterwards.

I saw an orthopedist yesterday, someone who came highly recommended. I believe he treats a lot of marathon runners, so he “gets it.” They gave me shorts to change into and took x-rays of my lower legs. I took a picture of the x-rays as I was waiting for the doc. You guys wanna see my bones? Cool, because here they are:


I stared at this wonder of technology for several minutes, mostly because there was literally nothing else to do while I was waiting, but also, it was fascinating.

I thought my bones looked good, as much as bones can look good to someone who knows next to nothing about bones other than they are not supposed to look broken, and mine did not. For some weird reason I was almost expecting… more bones? But that’s it. Those are all the bones. Everything else is muscle and fat and whatever other innards are inside legs. Those are my bones. The walls holding up my house. Without them, I would literally be a puddle of flesh on the floor and would not be able to run, much less anything else.

What I’m saying is, looking at these x-rays really made me appreciate my bones.

According to the doc (who told me that, indeed, I have excellent bones), I may have tendonitis or I may have a stress fracture. An MRI this coming Wednesday will tell me which – I’m hoping for neither, of course, but tendonitis would be better than a stress fracture. Again, the soreness is not that bad, so I’m not expecting anything super serious. But why not know for sure, right? Hell, I have health insurance now. Sign me up for all the tests. Do the x-rays. Diagnose me. No need to live in the dark.

I was supposed to run a local 4-mile race tomorrow, but I will sadly not be doing that. I was really looking forward to getting back in the swing of local racing, but who knows, maybe I just need a little more time off until then.

In the meantime, I needed some seeds and butter this morning.


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