Wet & Mild

Two days in a row of wet road running, but I’m excited that it seems to be getting warmer out. At least I was until I looked at the forecast for the next 48 hours: 3-5 inches of snow expected Saturday night. Chance of snow: 100%. Chance of me doing my long run Sunday morning: ???%.

It’s supposed to be above freezing Sunday, so maybe some of it will melt. Still, I think I might play it safe and do my long run Saturday instead. I don’t mind that, although there is something nice about doing it on Sundays. I’m well-rested, and it’s a nice way to start the last day of the weekend, which I usually spend preparing meals for the week.

At least winter’s almost over. I hope.

It’s funny how exciting the idea of winter feels in November: we have the first snow of the season, two major holidays, time with family (some of us), and time off from work (some of us) to look forward to. The irritation of skin sticking to car seats is still fresh in our minds, and runners especially are grateful for temps that don’t make us feel like we’ll simultaneously melt and burst into flames.

By mid-February, we’re just slogging through the cold days as best we can, the next major holiday not until the weather is warm enough for grilled hot dogs and fireworks. Unless you count Easter, which I don’t, because in my family it was only ever a holiday for kids. Once I outgrew Easter baskets, I stopped even knowing which day it falls on. I’m only aware the holiday is approaching when chocolate bunnies start appearing near the checkout aisle at CVS.

Yesterday I ran a nice, solid 4.3 miles. My foot still feels fine. I went a bit slower than I had the day before when I’d burst into my first run in a week like a banshee out of hell. My shoes got wet from rain that had fallen the night before, which always annoys the anal-retentive side of me (which, let’s face it, is every side of me) but I’m trying to embrace dirt and chaos a little more these days.


This morning I’d planned on going 6, but a sixth of the way through I decided to cut it in half. It was raining lightly and starting to come down a little harder. I honestly don’t care about wet clothes and my phone was protected under my lightweight jacket; I was more worried about my hundred-dollar headphones. Also, the jacket isn’t the most comfortable thing to run in. I’m always a lot warmer than I want to be.

Also, my left thigh has been a little sore, I think from all the workouts I did last week when I wasn’t running. Maybe there were too many squats and lunges in there. Luckily, it’s not an injury, just a mild ache.

So I settled for a 5K and made up for it somewhat by going home and doing a quick upper body and abs workout. Gotta burn those cals for Bagel Friday.

My shoes got wetter today. More puddles.


At least it’s my favorite day of the work week.


If you think this cinnamon raisin PB&J bagel looks good, trust me: IT VERY MUCH IS.

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