Riding High

I’m back, baby!

After seven excruciating, black-cloud-hovering days of not running, this morning, I ran. My plan was to do an easy 3 miles and see how it went. I wouldn’t push the pace, but instead take it slower than I normally do.

So naturally, I took it faster than I normally do. I felt great, though. I averaged an 8:50 pace for the first mile and 9:12 for the last two. I did a speed burst for the last 0.14, going 7:49. No pain whatsoever. What a relief.


For my walking around shoes, I’ve been wearing the ¼-inch felt pads below the ball of my left foot as recommended by my podiatrist, and I wore one for the run. I’ve gotten so used to them I barely notice it. They are supposed to take the pressure off the ball, as the pads are now the first thing to hit the ground as opposed to the area of sensitivity.

I’m still considering custom orthotics. I’ll probably go through with it.

I don’t know if it was the two Clif Bloks I ate 45 minutes before the run or just the fact I haven’t done it in a week, but when I started out this morning, despite my promise to “take it easy,” I felt a burst of energy and just stuck with it.

It reminded me of the times in my life I was less consistent with running for various reasons (let’s face it: laziness) and wouldn’t run for days, or weeks, or even months at a time. That first day back, those first few moments – MAN, what a rush. It always felt so insanely good, literally like a drug high. Like, I don’t know, cocaine? Does cocaine feel good? I have no idea. I just know it fills people with confidence to do things like drive fast, slick their hair back, and trade risky stocks. Either way, those first few moments moving my body again after a hiatus are always beautiful. I wish you could bottle the feeling. It would probably be more expensive than cocaine.

Tomorrow I’ll go 4.3 miles and, if all feels well, I’ll do 6 on Friday. I might not hit my mileage goal for February, but the year is still young. All in good time.

Finally, I only remembered it was Valentine’s Day just now, after writing this post. If you’re celebrating it with a special someone, have a great day! And if you’re single, you should also have a great day! I am single and loving it. I know some people are single and not loving it. Just remember: you are enough. A partner is not a completion; it’s an addition.

Also, don’t do cocaine.


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