Hand Socks & Foot Pain

I did not write a post this weekend. I was busy. Or rather, I chose to make time for other things over writing. Which happens sometimes and that’s okay!

I had some trouble running on Saturday. It was about 17 degrees, which wasn’t even where the trouble was. Actually, one positive thing about that run was that I wore mittens for the first time! Only they weren’t mittens – they were socks. Two pairs of warm, winter socks I never wear on my feet but for some reason own.


Am I giving the finger? You’ll never know.

This looked absolutely ridiculous, and I did not care one whit. My hands were WARM! So warm, in fact, that throughout the run, I often had to spread out my fingers within the socks just to get a blast of frigid air in between my fingers so they’d stop sweating. I might have even been fine with one pair.

It did make it harder to adjust my hat and like, do stuff with my fingers. But man, was it worth it. I’m not even planning on buying a pair of mittens anymore. HAND SOCKS ALL THE WAY.

Just to mix things up, I decided to run a totally different route. I live between two sections of town: a mostly flat, grid-like, high-traffic area (East Northport) and a hilly, winding-road village (Northport). I usually run through Northport, maybe starting off my longer runs on the more grid-like streets before venturing into the hills.

On Saturday, I thought I would remain firmly in East Northport. I felt a little beat and a mostly flat course seemed appealing, so I decided to run in a big, boring rectangle for 7 miles.

This went fine until about mile 3 when my left foot started feeling wonky. It felt nerve-related. Like a little warm and tingly, but not in a good way. This is similar to what happened a couple months ago. Same foot, too. But this time it’s not the heel, it was the ball of the foot.

Last time this happened, I did a lot of stretching, stayed off it for a few days, bought inserts specifically for PF and wore those in my walking shoes, and I was fine. It was annoying, but I didn’t need to see a doctor or anything.

The worst thing about this happening on a run is I really have no choice but to finish the run. I guess I could always called a cab if it’s super awful. Luckily, this wasn’t debilitating, just annoying. I even managed to do a couple of jumps at the end – probably not the smartest idea, but they made for a fun photo.


My foot felt better after I got home, although later I went to a friend’s wedding where I wore heels, and then they felt worse than ever, but that’s only because heels were INVENTED BY THE DEVIL. But you know what? I think I looked pretty good.

BEAUTY > PAIN, am I right?


I really don’t post a lot of “dressy” selfies. At all. But I’m at a rare place in my life where, dare I say, I like how I look. I am happy with my outward appearance. So please indulge me. Thank you.

Anyway, my foot felt much better on Sunday and I almost did a long run – but rain was in the forecast so I thought maybe I’d take the day off from running. I don’t want to risk getting worse if I don’t have to. Instead, I did a Fitness Blender abs workout and upper body workout. I hated not running on a Sunday – especially a relatively warm, overcast day like it was. But I made good use of my time: cleaning, throwing out old food from the cupboards, preparing salads for the next couple days’ lunches, going food shopping during the Super Bowl in an empty supermarket, making a Moroccan lentil stew for some upcoming meals, which, I am excited to say, includes my dinner tonight.

This morning, I had planned on trying a run but I woke up late after accidentally falling back asleep after my alarm went off. So I did a 20-minute lower body workout. This is the workout I do when I’m short on time. I should actually do it more often. It’s a lot of good squats and lunges and leg lifts. My legs still feel a little burny from it.

Tomorrow I will try a run. I hope my foot is okay. Maybe the most annoying aspect of this seemingly random pain is that I don’t know exactly what causes it, other than just… running. I haven’t been running insane amounts. I stretch. Maybe I need to stretch more. I’m still learning how my body works. For instance, it loves chocolate for some reason, and has had quite a bit of it today. Yet another good reason to run.

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