All Shook Up

For the first time in my life, I have an annual mileage goal. It’s 1500 miles. This is almost double what I did last year, so it’s ambitious – but not crazy, and not impossible. In order to stay on top of my progress, at the start of each month I would like to announce my previous month’s mileage.

To run 1500 miles in a year, I need to average 28.84 miles a week, or, if I divide it by months (which seems easier to me), 125 miles a month.

In January, I ran… [drum roll]…

96.36 miles.

Okay, well, January was a very snowy month. I always run more in the spring, summer, and fall. I CAN STILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

I miss speed work. I’ve lapsed on that lately. So this morning I planned on visiting the high school track to do some fast laps. I went to the supermarket first to get some more lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower – things I eat almost every day. But I also eat chocolate every day, so don’t be too impressed.

My local supermarket opens at 6am and I love going food shopping immediately after that. There’s always like, one other crazy shopper in there like me. We don’t make eye contact, but there’s an unacknowledged understanding between us that we have a clear edge on the rest of the pathetic grocery shopping population still in their beds. The produce is fresh and plentiful, and I’m out of there in no time.

I did that, then went to the track. But it didn’t look plowed from the parking lot, and I didn’t want to get out and check because the track was dark. No lights or anything. Felt very… murdery. Snowy and murdery.

So I went back home and did a 3.1 mile loop instead.

I like to do this route fast. It’s sort of my speed work right now, I guess. I find it’s good practice for races. So I put on my racing shoes and flew down the road for mile 1. Pace: 8:04.

I lost steam in miles 2 and 3 because of the hills, and also because I think I am just not super strong enough yet to sustain that pace on this particular route. I’m also still experimenting with what to eat before runs. I’d had one of my Superhero muffins at 5:15, but by 6:45, maybe its 144 calories had worn off? I definitely felt a lack of fuel.

I managed to squeeze out an overall 8:40 pace – good (for me) on that semi-hilly route. It’s insane to me to that some women can run half marathons and marathons at a 7:00 pace or faster. I wonder what that pace even feels like. I guess that’s why I need to do speed work!

I squatted for today’s pic. There was a really pretty pink sunrise sky, but I’ve taken so many of those lately. So I settled for a squat.


I’ll try the track again after the snow melts. Sometimes plans change and that’s okay! Sometimes this is the case for runs, and sometimes this is the case for entire lives. I am doing literally NOTHING I thought I would be doing even just a few years ago.

My whole life has surprised me. Running has given me such a good handle on establishing daily and weekly routines, but I’m also learning how to be okay when routines, much like Elvis Presley, get all shook up. I mean, as long as I’m still alive, I’m doing great.

In the meantime, I’m happy not to have to make a trip to the supermarket tonight.


2 thoughts on “All Shook Up

  1. Marathon training will have those numbers bumped up pretty quickly. I avoid speed work in this weather. Too much of a risk of injury. Or I just hit the treadmill. But there will be plenty of time for speed work in the near future!

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