My Favorite Workout, My Cold Fingers

It snowed yesterday morning, dumping several inches on northern Long Island. I decided not to run and instead do a 44-minute cardio/HIIT/weights workout courtesy of, my go-to site for indoor workouts.

This is a GOOD workout. It hits everything and leave me sweating.

It’s broken up into three sections: cardio/HIIT…


…strength training (using both upper and lower body)…cardiohiit2

…and abs/back.


One thing I like about it is you get the hardest stuff out of the way first. I usually only do it when I can’t run for whatever reason, because it’s much more intense than the typical upper body strength training workouts I do on my non-running days.

I’ve been doing fitnessblender for a few years. They have hundreds of (free!) workouts for every part of the body and every level of difficulty. But this one might be my favorite in terms of what I feel it achieves. It’s not an easy workout. It took me a long time to be able to do the whole thing AND jog in place in between each HIIT set like Kelli does. I use 8, 10, and 15 lb. weights for the strength training portion.

If you can do the whole thing without resting, kudos. And if you can’t, like with anything else, keep trying until you can.

So that’s my workout recommendation of the day!

This morning, most of the snow had melted off the streets, so it was time to hit the road. Once again, it was TWENTY GODDAMN DEGREES OUT and honestly guys, I love winter, but I’m kinda done with it? I’m ready for spring? Anyone else? Bueller?

I couldn’t find one of my pairs of gloves so I wore two pairs with a pair of gardening gloves on top – so three pairs, but a little thinner than my last three-pair foray out into the world of frigid running. It wasn’t enough. By mile 2 my fingers were so uncomfortable I tried running with them clasped together, but that was just awkward. I wound up peeling off the gloves just enough that they became mittens, and I was able to ball my hands into fists. This worked out and my fingers warmed up quickly.

Yes, I know I need to buy mittens already. But you and I both know that once I buy them, spring will start.

It was slow-going this morning. My legs were still a little sore from yesterday’s HIIT workout, and patches of ice on the shoulders and sidewalks made my footing precarious in spots. But it’s okay. I’m really not bothered by a “slow” run every once in a while. You need them.

I didn’t even want to take a picture because it would require my gloves to be off and I just didn’t feel like it. So please settle on this photo I took from the Long Island Rail Road on yesterday’s commute into the city.



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