Recovery Road

Ah, the post-race recovery runs.

I enjoy recovery runs. Even if I’m still sore, which I definitely was yesterday morning and even a bit this morning. Yesterday’s 3.1 miles and this morning’s 4.3 were both easy, no pressure, no expectations, no speed, easy peasy fun runs. My legs actually felt better after both of them.

Not surprisingly, my legs are usually most sore after I’ve been sitting a while. In the past few days, I’ve limped more when getting up from my work desk to go to the bathroom than after running for half an hour.

Nothing much to report about these runs, other than they were nice and easy. Today was colder than yesterday. Both days slightly overcast. Yesterday’s dawn skies had an awesome red glow at one point. This always only lasts for a minute or two, so I stopped to snap a pic:


And this morning I took a pic of the hill I go up at the end of almost all my runs. I remember last winter and spring not being able to run up it without stopping to walk. Now I run up it all the time. It’s toughened me. This is why I consider Central Park’s loop relatively easy and flat.


Another reason I like recovery runs is that is gives me a mental reset. Instead of feeling like I’m gearing up for a race, I know the race is behind me. I can relax. I’m not preparing. I’m… postparing? Sure. That’s a word now.

Speaking of races, I’m excited to announce some big news, which I will do in the next post. Stay tuned!

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