Get Ready, Get Set…

Carbo-loading DONE. New headphones PURCHASED. Legs SHAVED.

I am ready for you, half marathon.

I’m so glad this race is on a Sunday and not a Saturday, because it gave me a whole day to prepare. First: I slept late. More like went back to bed after dealing with the dogs, but I eventually got up at 10am. I figured I needed the rest and it was the one day this week I could do it. So I did it.

I ate some oatmeal and cleaned for a bit, then did a 3.1 mile run at the fastest pace I’ve done in a while. It was warm out today, as a lot of runners around the U.S. might have noticed. So nice to wear just one layer, and even that felt like too much. I wore my racing shoes to get my feet ready for tomorrow. With tomorrow’s long run, I only wanted to do a quick 5K loop today so I figured I’d go a bit faster than usual. I wasn’t expecting to do an 8:24 pace though. Amazing what I can accomplish when I’m not sidestepping mounds of snow in the pitch dark of morning.

I forgot to take a post- or during-run pic, so you’ll have to settle for these seagulls in the parking lot of a Target I visited later in the day.


By the way, despite what I wrote yesterday, there is no way in hell I’m running an 8:15 pace in this half marathon. I know I said that it was unlikely (the exact phrase was “I’ll shit my pants”) but no, it’s not happening. If I run an 8:30, I’ll consider myself incredibly lucky.

Now, headphone news!

I’d first heard of bone conduction headphones a few months ago, and had been toying with the idea of a buying a pair ever since. These don’t go directly in your ears, but sit just outside them, sending sound signals through your bones. It sounds creepy, and, well, it is. The human body is terrifying.

I’ve been using Edelin bluetooth headphones for the past few months, and while for the most part they’ve been okay – I do think the sound is good – I don’t like that they almost always feel like they’re on the verge of popping out of my ears, no matter which size buds I am using (and I’ve tried all three). They also stick out so much that I can’t pull my hat down all the way.

Although I’d heard that bone conduction headphones don’t have as good a sound quality as in-ear headphones, I liked the idea of not only being able to hear my surroundings a bit better, but maybe even more importantly, having headphones that would firmly stay in place.

After I saw that a bunch of runners in one of my Facebook groups were all singing the praises of AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones, I decided to take the plunge. I went to Best Buy and bought a pair.


Since tomorrow would be the first time I’d be using them, I decided to test them out by wearing them around the house while I did the dishes, folded laundry, and cleaned up.

While it’s true they don’t have as good a sound as traditional headphones – seeing that they are not directly in your ears – they definitely feel more secure. These babies will stay put. And during a race, the last thing I want is to be fiddling with awkward ear buds. I’ve done that before, and it’s annoying as hell.

So I’m going to wear them tomorrow. Let’s see how they do.

I want to hit the road around 5am, so I’m winding down the day and aiming to get in bed by 9:30. That’s insanely early for me, but I want to be well-rested. I’m excited! I hope the driving is as easy as it was last time I did this. I hope I didn’t eat too much the past couple of days. I ate more than I normally do because I knew Sunday was going to be a big calorie-burning day and I didn’t want to be depleted. Let’s face it, I also just love any excuse to eat.

A lot of carbs have been consumed the past few days. Bagels. Oatmeal.Candy. Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Homemade sweet potato fries. Homemade pumpkin banana bread with chocolate chips. There are truly benefits to being a runner.

2 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set…

    1. Yeah maybe I have weird ears too! I’ve never tried Yurbuds. I should write a formal review of the Trekz at some point, but I wore them yesterday for a half marathon and they worked out great! The sounds was good, and never once did I have to worry about them falling out or off.


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