An Ice Morning Run

So it seems that 25º F is smack right in between “comfortably cool” and “uncomfortably frigid” when it comes to running. Not quite the balmy 32º of yesterday morning, not quite the impossible-to-breathe air of last week. I’m still figuring out exactly the right thing to wear each morning based on what my weather app says.

By the way, I use Weather Puppy, because not only does it give you the weather, it also gives you a cute-ass pic of a pupper. I mean, why use a boring old weather app when you can get a cute-ass pic of a pupper?


I wore two layers of leggings, both on the thin side, and I was okay for the most part. I need to figure out the glove situation. I wore my thicker gloves this morning, but my fingers were still frozen. I thought two pairs of gloves was only necessary for 20º and below, but maybe not.

Yesterday’s warmer weather melted a lot of the snow, which made running in the shoulders a lot easier today. But because it was below freezing there were icy patches here and there, mostly on the sidewalks. I was able to avoid them by sticking to running in the street for the most part. I’ve become bolder about doing this – I’ve found that the few drivers on the road at the time will just make room for me. Please keep doing this drivers ha ha ha ha no really please.

I decided to go down Main Street this morning, a 4.7 mile route I take every so often. I don’t take it all the time because it’s out and back, and I prefer loops. But it’s so picturesque and it reminds me of my childhood. I wrote about this in one of my earliest posts. There’s something really special about running through your hometown. Even after I eventually move away, I’d like to still find time to come back to Northport and run through its streets. Luckily, my sister and her family live here, so I’ll have a good excuse to visit. Maybe I’ll do it every Sunday. I just have to find a way to tell my sister I’ll be coming to her house for a pancake breakfast every week.

I stopped a couple times to take a quick pic (and it had to be quick because I needed to take off my gloves). I tried taking one of my breath in the cold air. I wanted it to look super cool like someone exhaling smoke in a dark room. Didn’t really turn out that way.


The run down Main was quiet. I only passed three other people downtown, and they were all walking their dogs.

I took another quick snap for my stats pic.


Ah, I love pretty places when there are no people in them.

It hasn’t been the easiest weather to run in lately. I keep telling myself that it’ll make running in the spring that much more delightful. Sometimes you need to suffer to appreciate all the times you don’t.

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