A Lot of Cool News

Hey, it’s my 100th post!

I would not have guessed I’ve written 100 posts on this blog. I only know because the stats tell me. Otherwise I might have guessed I’d written maybe 50, 60? Acknowledging my 100th post feels both celebratory and arbitrary. Like, it’s cool, but also Neil deGrasse Tyson would probably wrinkle his nose at the whole thing. He’d say I might as well celebrate my 268th post – they’re both just numbers, equally likely to be randomly generated as any other.

Well, to hell with your killjoy theories, Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’m celebrating it.

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Very Excellent Vegan (If You Want) Chili

I don’t have many recipes I can claim as my own – I am more recipe follower than recipe creator – but this might be the closest. I discovered the source a few years ago when I was searching online for a good vegan chili recipe. I’ve never fully been a vegan, but for years I preferred eating vegan protein at home as it just seemed healthier and also I hate touching raw meat.

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Superhero Sunday

I had a nice, productive Sunday, which is all I ever want in a Sunday. After spending Saturday doing a quick upper body workout, cleaning the house like crazy for a realtor to do a walk-through (both the inside and outside of the fridge and the freezer), and making a couple trips to the supermarket, I decided Sunday was to be for two things: cooking and running.

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Fred Lebow Manhattan Half: My Results, Stats, Hat

Is anyone else obsessed with looking at race results stats? I love it. As soon as they’re online, I can’t wait to pore over the finishing times, age group breakdowns, splits, top women, top men, last finishers, youngest runner, oldest runner – I love it all.

In this post, I’m going to get all anal about numbers and math. If that sounds like fun to you, keep reading!

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