Slack Friday

It’s Saturday evening, far too late to be writing about Friday morning’s run. I wish I had a good excuse other than laziness. Admittedly, Friday was an odd day at work because we all left at or before 3pm, although we still had Bagel Friday, THANK GOD.

I ran about five and a half miles Friday morning, mostly before sunrise in 32º F weather. It wasn’t bad. I wore my thick gloves. I really think anything above 30 is fine. I read a post today in one of my Facebook running groups where a guy in California was complaining about running in 42º and everyone laughed at him. Well, maybe not laughed at him. That sounds harsh. But I feel like maybe they were laughing on the inside?

As I was on my way back somewhere in the fourth mile, I noticed the sky was red and pink with sunrise light so I stopped to take a pic. I usually hate stopping during a run but sometimes it’s worth it.


I only ran three times this week and three times last week – a lot less than I would have liked. A mixture of wet weather and lack of sleep contributed to my slacking – winter always makes it a bit tougher. But I made up for it as best I could with strength training and/or cardio on my off days.

I’m also trying to realize that it’s okay to slack here and there, especially in December. I feel like if any month is meant for slacking in any particular area, it’s December.

Speaking of slacking, I still needed to buy a few Christmas presents for my nephews so this morning I woke up at 6am so I could hit a couple of stores at 7am – right when they opened. I’m happy to say that this was a brilliant idea, as I had the stores pretty much to myself. I went a little crazy with buying clothes. I can’t wait to post pictures of them wearing what I bought. I love being an aunt!

Tonight I’m going to start making another round of cookies. I’m still planning on writing a Baking Cookies post. I might start incorporating food-related stuff on here. I’m not an expert chef or anything, and I definitely don’t know enough to be able to invent my own baking recipes (I honestly don’t know how anyone does that), but I might like to do someone else’s recipe from time to time, take pictures, and report on how it goes. I’m excited to see what this blog might turn into in 2018. Sometimes it hits me that it can really be anything I want.

Like pictures of Bagel Friday, for instance.


One thought on “Slack Friday

  1. Bagel Friday is such a great concept. Usually Saturday is my long run day and I reserve bagels for that. But last time I did a marathon, I did long runs on Friday and a serious NYC everything bagel is a necessity!

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