Ted Corbitt 15K: My Results, Stats, Shirt

Ted Corbitt 15K: My Results, Stats, Shirt

The results are officially in from the Ted Corbitt 15K I ran only three days ago. (How does it seem like two weeks ago? Why does time do that?)

While my Garmin has my race pace as 8:35 min/mile, the official results say 8:45 min/mile. So that’s what I’ll go with. FINE.

Here’s a pic I took a few moments after being handed a bagel at the finish. I was very hungry. And tired. And my mascara was smudged from crying.


My stats:

  • Total runners: 1855 of 4828
  • Women: 561 of 2335
  • Age group: 63 of 278

It’s so interesting to see how I do in big races in NYC vs. smaller races on Long Island. I am MUCH faster on Long Island. Kind of like how I’d be an 8 in Iowa but only a 3 in L.A.? (By the way I just randomly chose Iowa as somewhere that is “not L.A.” I have never been there but I assume it’s very nice.)

I will also remind everyone that I ran this race very cautiously. It was my first race longer than 10K. I guarantee I can and will go harder on the next one.

I actually love looking at race stats. NYRR does a great job of displaying them. Here are a few about the 15K from their site:

15K race overview

Almost an even split between men and women, with men having an edge on numbers, and the breakdown of which boroughs NYC residents are from. I wonder how many were from Long Island?

15K oldest youngest

I love this! Wow. A 10-year-old boy, 9-year-old girl, 84-year-old man, and 84-year-old woman all finished this 9.32 mile race. Amazing. I could not have run a 15K at 9, and I will consider myself the luckiest human on the planet if I can run one at 84.

Also worth noting the 9-year-old boy finished only two minutes behind me.

Two minutes behind me.

15K gender breakdown

I thought this one was SO interesting. Check it out: in their twenties, women (purple) are competing more then men (green). But once in their 30s – and for the rest of their lives – it’s reversed. Now I know this is a small sample size and may not be indicative of all races everywhere, but it’s still interesting to think about. What happens to make women race less in their 30s, OR what happens to make men race more in their 30s? OR is it both? How does parenthood affect the numbers? Career paths? Other commitments and priorities? I don’t have the answers. I just like asking questions.

Finally, I need to point out that I did in fact get a shirt for this race. I did not know about the shirts until later in the day after I picked up my bib. I guess I was supposed to just know they were in ANOTHER AREA OF THE STORE ALTOGETHER, but luckily I was able to go the next day to get one. It’s a REALLY nice quality shirt. I wore it under my outer layer for the race.


I’ll definitely be wearing this one again.

So that sums up my first 15K. I feel like I’m now ready to tackle next month’s first: a half marathon. BRING IT, 2018.

6 thoughts on “Ted Corbitt 15K: My Results, Stats, Shirt

  1. Looks like a cool race, I need to come up to NY for a run one day! I have the Wineglass Marathon and the Hamptons Marathon on my list. Maybe NYC one day, I prefer more intimate races but I know its one of the marathon majors so I’ll do it eventually. LOL. Cheers!

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    1. Okay I have to google Wineglass Marathon because I keep hearing about it, ha! And while I love the hustle and bustle and even the crowds of running in the city, I really love small races in small towns. I’ve done a bunch on Long Island that are like 200-300 people, and it’s so fun and friendly, even if I don’t know anyone there!

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  2. hello, congratulations for you. I would know the finisher medal Ted Corbitt 15k. Does this test have a medal? Thank you.


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