Don’t Weight For Me

My exercise today was yard work. Two hours and 50 minutes’ worth. Fifteen bags of twigs, branches, and leaves.

Grieving? I recommend yard work.


It was a quiet day. The only place I went was Ace Hardware to get more leaf bags. I bought 10 and quickly filled them all. I have to go back. I ate a lot. Walked the dogs. Made my first batch of chili of the season. It’s weird to have the whole house to myself.

I went food shopping yesterday and it hit me: I am only shopping for myself now. I haven’t done that in a year. It will simplify things, for sure. My mom liked having a lot of different kinds of food in the house. I tend to eat the same 11 things and that’s it. Same with shampoo and conditioner: I have not purchased shampoo once since moving here 11 months ago because she had SO MANY BOTTLES. If I’m living by myself, I like to only have one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner. When one runs out, I buy another. I don’t like owning a lot. Maybe it’s a result of moving so much.

Yesterday I went to Modell’s and bought a few pairs of cold weather running leggings, a proper running hat, and a set of 15 lb. weights. I’ve been growing out of my 10 lb. weights for certain exercises, and even 12 (which I do by holding a 10 and 2 in the same hand) is getting too easy. So 15 is the next step up.

Upon checkout, not one but two teen boy cashiers asked if I needed help carrying the weights to my car. I said no (I’d literally just carried them across the store). “Are you sure?” I said thank you but I’d be fine. I know the Good Feminist in me is supposed to be Very Upset about this, but honestly, I thought it was sweet. It’s not their fault they couldn’t see though my hoodie and leather jacket.

And that inspired today’s Sunday Selfie.


Thank you anyway, teen boy cashiers. ❤

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