Layovers & Overlays

Layovers & Overlays

Due to the fact that I stayed over in the city last night (due to the fact that I saw the goddess Tori Amos perform in the city last night), I ran in Central Park this morning. I did the 6-mile inner perimeter, a route that used to seem daunting to me. Later on, when it was less daunting, this route was my Sunday long run.

I hadn’t run it in years, and it’s funny how easy and not-big-dealish it is to me today compared to a few years ago. I guess running farther and faster will do that. It’s barely hilly – the most intense hill is up at the north end (assuming one is running counterclockwise) but even then, it’s less steep than I remembered it.

Here’s the lovely map of my run: look at these nice clean, not-wobbly lines thanks to Garmin. So nice not to have to correct zig zags in mapmyrun anymore.


It was perfect running weather: on the colder side (40ºF), overcast, a slight threat of rain that luckily never happened. I started out at 96th Street and went south, making one full loop.

I had a pretty good pace today too, as the route is a lot flatter than the ones I run in Northport. The only challenge (if you can call it that) are the crowded running pathways. But even then, it’s not really bad. Just compared to running on Long Island, where I MIGHT pass 3 or MAYBE 4 other runners on my run – all of whom I wave and say “morning” to – Central Park is a zoo.

Although once you get above 72nd Street, and especially above 96th, it really thins out. A lot of runners who run on the south part of the loop don’t do the whole perimeter as there are a few shortcut pathways to take if you don’t have 6 miles in you. Also, tourists do not go above 96th Street. It’s actually a NYC law that tourists don’t venture north of 96th – if they do, they’re fined $1000 and ordered to have a mandatory meal at Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar. (Just kidding, they go there voluntarily.)

Okay, so let’s talk about PHOTO OVERLAYS!

After being frustrated that Garmin’s photo overlay does not include pace,


and realizing that Fitsnap, the overlay I’ve been using for the past couple months, isn’t really doing it for me (I don’t love how much of the photo the rectangle covers),


I realized that I could just make my own overlay.

I use the Over app whenever I want to put text on a photo. So why not just make my own running overlay? Sure, it’ll take a few more seconds each time, as I’m manually inputting the data, but so what? I just spent 56 minutes running. Another 38 seconds won’t kill me.

Here is what I made this morning using Over:


I might tweak it as I go. But there you go. My very own, handmade overlay.

If I were more enterprising and smart, I’d figure out how to turn this into a million dollar mobile app venture. But I’m not. I’m lazy and dumb. But at least I’m creative.

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