What Sunday Is For (Hint: It’s Pancakes)

Ah, my first Long Run Sunday in three weeks. The weather was perfect: low 50s, overcast, a cool breeze. I went out on the faster side, at about an 8:30 min/mile pace for the first mile – faster than I probably should have. I eventually settled into a slower rhythm because

  1. the bottom of my left foot started feeling weird about 5 miles in (it’s okay now)
  2. I ran a race yesterday
  3. it’s my long run and I shouldn’t really be trying to set a speed PR
  4. I can do what I want

My long run is always the same route through Northport: rolling hills, quiet streets, some really nice views overlooking the harbor and smoke stacks that are probably gross on the inside but look pretty on the outside. Like mean girls, but in smoke stack form.


Ugh they’re so skinny

I wound up cutting my normally-10-mile run short because yeah, my foot felt weird. Not pain, but like tingly and a little warm – kind of but not exactly like pins and needles? Like WTF, body. Can you just calm down? Stop doing weird shit and be normal. Jeez. Anyway it was fine to keep running on and I didn’t even remember it afterwards because it stopped feeling like that.

So instead of 10 miles I did 8. I still had pancakes. Two servings, actually. The two servings thing is a little annoying because the recipe I’ve been using is off the back of Bob’s Red Mill Pancake and Waffle Mix, which is basically two servings, but calls for one egg. And I’m like BITCH, I CAN’T USE HALF AN EGG. So I make the whole thing, thinking, “I’ll just save the other half for later,” and then “later” turns out to be like, two minutes later.

But you know what? I don’t care. That’s what Sunday is for.

It’s also for selfies, because it’s Selfie Sunday, which is a new thing I guess I am doing now! So I took a selfie with my real camera, like in the good old days. I even did a hair flip, which I also used to do in the good old days.


I chose one where I didn’t smile because I don’t always have to smile. Trust me, I’m nice on the inside. Unlike a smoke stack.

I also FINALLY ordered a Garmin. I just did it. My GPS was all screwy again today, and after manually correcting the route in mapmyrun I thought enough is enough and just picked the one I’d been leaning towards and ordered it through Amazon. Just like that.

It’s funny how I spent days, or actually weeks, trying to decide which Garmin to get, where to buy it, determining what was important to me in a running watch, reading articles, reviews, reports, suggestions, basically doing everything but ordering one. I do this a lot: I procrastinate and procrastinate – especially when it feels like a big deal kind of thing that I want to get PERFECT – and then something happens that triggers me into just DOING IT and then I do it and that’s that. So that’s what happened today.

I’ll reveal what I bought when I receive it, which might be by Tuesday morning. I’m very excited for this next phase in my running, and in my life. Garmin. And me. Here we come.

Finally, I am sad I didn’t get to watch the NYC Marathon in person or on TV. Congrats to all who ran/walked/competed in it. I hope to join you someday soon.

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