Lemme HIIT That

Lemme HIIT That

I decided to do an indoor workout today. It’s one of my favorite Fitness Blender routines that I’ve probably mentioned before (sorry I don’t feel like checking) and that I want to try to do once a week: a 44-minute total body workout that incorporates major-sweat-inducing HIIT (HIIT means “stuff that makes you exhausted”), cardio, weights, abs – the works. It’s like a baked potato with all the toppings, only the opposite of that in terms of calories.

What’s fun is that when I first tried doing this workout a long time ago, I could pretty much do it, but I half-assed it in places and also didn’t jog in place in between each set as suggested. Now I do it ALL, baby. And although challenging, it’s not impossible.

It’s so good to physically see and feel my body getting stronger. This concept STILL amazes me: you put in work, and you see results. Work —> Results. It actually happens. Incredible! Miraculous! Logical!

I haven’t run much this week, so when I remembered I had a race tomorrow (a local 4K cross country jaunt across the field of a Veterans’ hospital), I thought I might take today off. I ran Tuesday and Thursday, and each run felt good so I thought just for this week that I’d stick to the every-other-day pattern.

I do not expect to place in tomorrow’s race. Past years show a bigger field than the 200 to 300 I’m used to seeing at local races – with those numbers, I’m pretty confident I’ll place in the top three of my age group (of which there might be 15-25 women), but with anything larger than that, I’m afraid there will be too many faster than me on the course. I mean, I’m not afraid. I’m fine, actually. It’s just one less medal/bragging right I’ll have. But I think I’ll survive. As long as there are free bagels, I’m usually good.

Speaking of which, it’s that day once again:


Starting next week, I’ve decided to give myself weekly challenges that change every week. For seven days starting Monday, I’m giving up one particular food. It’s a food I love, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes, and just how crazy I’ll get. It is NOT bagels.

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