No Rest For The Bleary

I’m writing today’s post on the train ride home from work. This is because I could not stay awake on the train ride to work, as I sat slumped closed-eyed over my open laptop for most of the morning’s ride. This is because I did not get enough sleep.

I know I’ve bragged about how I can handle my typical 4.5 to 5.5-hour sleeps during the week, and surprisingly, for the first three hours of the day, I can. I get up, brush my teeth, walk and feed the dogs, get my gear on, head out the door, and feel good, awake, and alert throughout my run. Then I shower, get ready for work, swallow my breakfast whole, and walk to the train.

I get on the train, put on my makeup, check Twitter, edit whatever pictures I took that morning, write my blog post… and then. Then it hits me. I can usually make it the whole way in without closing my eyes, but this morning was an exception. You see, I went to bed after midnight last night. And when you set your alarm for 5:00 am, it is a bad idea to go to bed after midnight.

Last night was an unusually late night all around, as 8pm was the last time the show I wrote and directed was performed at UCB Theatre. This was a super fun show called “The Kellyanne Show” and it ran for about six months. Here’s the most recent poster I made for it. I made this all by myself, if you can believe that!!!


I got involved with UCB in 2005, and although I’ve written a ton of sketch comedy there on house teams, this was the first full half hour sketch show I’ve written, and I am so honored and happy it was able to be performed there. I had such a great cast too, and I’ll miss working with them. (Shout out to Ann Carr, Cody Lindquist, Tessa Hersh, Jason Selvig, and Jay Malsky.)

I haven’t yet mentioned on this blog that I do comedy stuff (except for over on the right where it says I am a comedy writer – see how I slyly snuck that in there?), but I do! Sometimes! Not always! I rarely write about things other than fitness on here. I typically like to keep my “things” separate. I have different websites for different skills, post different things on different social media platforms, and have several different resumes depending on the job I’m applying for. I’m basically like seven different people all rolled into one. But that way I’m never bored! (Seriously, I am never bored and I don’t understand it when people say they are. IT’S WEIRD. JUST GO DO SOMETHING ELSE.)

I feel like I’ve veered off on a huge tangent here. Let’s get back to my run this morning.


Still dark-ish when I got back

It was good and I felt good, despite my lack of sleep. The slight but steady uphills that 10 months ago were a slog are now a breeze. My new Sauconys are working out nicely and that pain in my heel hasn’t returned (PLEASE STAY AWAY I HATE YOU).

It was also dark out. Until the very dumb and antiquated thing called Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, there are going to be a few more dark mornings. This morning was dark for almost my entire run (which took place between 6:30 and 7:15), and I realized a couple of things that are so important, I am going to bulletpoint them.

  • I should buy a flashlight so I can see the road ahead of me.
  • My pace is slowed because I can’t see the road ahead of me.

I run down a kind of busy road for the first mile, and it’s only illuminated by street lights and passing headlights. In patches where there are neither, well… I just hope there isn’t a squirrel crossing my path because if there is its tiny stupid head might be crushed under the weight of my foot because I cannot see SHIT. I do wear a reflective strap around my torso, but I think I need something else. I would feel very stupid if I tripped and fell, and also it would hurt.

Even after Sunday hits and we go back to a NORMALLY-FUNCTIONING PERIOD OF DAYLIGHT, the days still get shorter for the next couple of months, so it’ll most likely eventually become dark at that hour again.

So on the agenda for this weekend: flashlight.

My phone GPS was all kinds of fucked up this morning too and I also need to get a Garmin and I know I keep talking about it, but honestly I’ve hardly had any time to go buy one in person. I feel weird about buying one online. Sometimes I need to touch things I want to have.

This was a long-ass post. I’m going to try to get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is Bagel Friday and I need to wake up as my best self.


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