Well, Red

I did not forget Selfie Sunday.

Changing your hair color after going through a major life change seems like such a hack premise at this point – if it were sketch comedy, the line “Get me the Jenkins file” would be its equivalent. But I like to do it anyway. Usually after breakups. Or when I move. I don’t always need a major life change to alter my hair. Sometimes I just feel like it.

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Happy Trails to New: Rob’s Run 5K Race Recap

This past holiday weekend marked a series of milestones: my first sub-8:00 race pace (not counting the Northport Nautical Mile I did in June), first time running two races in one week, first trail race, first race without headphones. And, now that I think about it, first Thanksgiving without my mom. It’s so weird when life changes, but I guess that’s just what life does.

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Achievement Unlocked: 2017 Townwide Fund of Huntington Thanksgiving Day 4 Mile Race Recap

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I started writing this post on Thanksgiving, and then I had to stop on account of all the food I had to shove in my face hole. Then I tried writing it on Friday, and I got caught up in other stuff. I think I was just tired. I’ve been sleeping a lot, like 7 hours a night. Which is a lot for me. Maybe the last few months of 4 and 5 hours a night are finally catching up with me.

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Once You Know You Can, You Will (or How I’ve Gotten Faster After 40)

I almost forgot I have a race this week: a local Thanksgiving Day 4-miler. I ran it last year. It was the first race I had run in a long time. I think the last race I had run before that was an untimed Color Run 5K in Brooklyn in 2014, and that was only because a friend persuaded me to do it with her.

Another thing I forgot was to take a post-run picture this morning. So here is a picture of an inflated turkey outside Macy’s I walked under on my way to work this morning. This is my post-run picture for the day.

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The Road Not (Usually) Taken

Maybe as a result of yesterday’s food overindulgence – whether the emotional guilt or the extra physical energy from all the calories or both – I did two workouts today.

I normally run on Sundays, but it was raining this morning and I really hate running in the rain. I just don’t want to have to worry about my phone or earphones. And running without gear, while entirely possible, is just mmmmmmmmmno. I’m a spoiled brat who needs that stuff. I also hate wet squishy shoes.

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Mom’s Party

We threw my mom a party yesterday. Not a wake, not a funeral. A celebration of life. A party. That’s actually how I entered it on my google calendar: “Mom’s Party. Noon to 3pm.” A gathering of friends and family. Talking, laughing, reminiscing, drinking, eating. Vegan food only, as per her wishes. A ton of it too, from local restaurants Batata Cafe and Purple Elephant. (I highly recommend both.)

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