Foam If You Want To


After five days off, my heel appears to be healed. I have a healed heel. I am heel-healed. [Michael Jackson voice] HEEL HEAL. Thank you, I’m done.

I ran a tentative 3 miles today, figuring if I felt okay afterwards I could do a longer run tomorrow. I did feel okay. I felt good. Great, maybe even.


I’m very middle-of-the-road

I love that feeling of running for the first time after a little time off. Years ago when my training was more inconsistent (read: shittier), if I didn’t run for a long time, it would feel SO GOOD those first few moments on the pavement again. My body would be like “THANK YOU INDIA, THANK YOU TERROR, THANK YOU DISILLUSIONMENT” and I’d be all “You’re welcome, body” and then we’d be good friends again.

I rarely take more than one day off at a time (two if it’s raining), so after five days of just strength training and yoga, my body was ITCHING to run this morning. As a result, I did a pretty brisk pace (for me). I also felt like my legs had a little more power than usual going up the hills. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to take a few days off here and there.

But something else that may have helped?


Folks, I got my foam roller a few days ago and have spent the last three days foam rolling my legs and OOH BABY does it hurt like hell. The first night I tried it, I legit got SWEATY. I broke a sweat while lying down. So much so that I had to change all my clothes (ALL of them) before I got into bed.

I’ve been following a couple foam rolling videos on youtube (this one by Runtastic is in real time so it’s super helpful to see how long I should spend on each body part). I plan to devote time to doing this every single day. It’s like a massage but with no weird stranger touching me!

I use this foam roller from Amazon Basics. It’s very firm and solid, and I like that it’s longer so I can do both legs at a time and have plenty of room to do my back. It was also one of the less expensive ones out there. I recommend it. (This is not an ad, I’m not popular enough for that yet for Lord’s sake I have like 7 followers.)

Finally, Happy Halloween! This year I’m going as a woman who forgot to put on mascara before she left for work this morning.

Also, I already ate a mini Twix from the Halloween stash I bought to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

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