Every Body Hurts, Sometimes

MY FOOT HURTS. This sucks. It’s not debilitating and it’s not what I would call “pain,” but it was uncomfortable enough walking that I didn’t run this morning. Instead I did a short but intense Fitness Blender cardio/weights workout with the word “brutal” in the title. I would have done it twice if I’d had enough time. I need to punish my body for sucking. This is a very healthy way to think and to live.

I’m not positive it’s plantar faciitis but a few fellow runners from the online seem to think it could be. I’m stretching as much as I can and I might purchase a splint. I have a lot of experience with wrist splints – a few years ago I discovered that if I spent too long holding a camera, I would wake up the next morning with a stiff and swollen wrist. I’d wear a splint for about 24 hours and then be fine. After a while I started wearing wrist splints during long photoshoots as a preventative measure, which worked.

I also heard that it might be okay to run with PF (assuming that’s what it is), I’d just have to take it easy. Maybe visit a podiatrist first. The thought of not running makes me so upset, I’ll do whatever I can to keep doing it, but proceeding with caution. Literally I have been thinking, “What if I only run on the balls of my feet?!” I’m considering it.

It’s funny how running can make you feel so strong and alive and powerful, and at the same time an injury can be a stark reminder of our own mortality, the fleeting nature of life, the slow and inevitable decay of our fleshly bodies, and hard proof that nothing at all in the universe perhaps besides the universe itself lasts forever. I like looking on the bright side of things!!!

I’m still celebrating Bagel Friday. I mean we’re all going to die one day so why not?



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