Old Dog, New Tricks

I did an upper body workout this morning: Fitness Blender’s good old “Bored Easily” series, in which no set is repeated throughout the routine. I like those. Although I am feeling like maybe I should start switching it up by doing completely different routines by completely different people on different websites and so forth. It’s easy to get stuck in a “rut,” if you can call it that – even when you are working out regularly.

My heel is better today but I still have minor aches here and there, most likely from the yoga class I took yesterday.

I found some old pics of me running a 5K in the summer of 2000. In one of them I’m crossing the finish line from behind. I noticed the clock and thought it’d be fun to make a side by side comparison between that 5K and my most recent one. Add some text in Photoshop and voila: a cool little before-and-after.

Granted, I was a little heavier then (the billowy shorts didn’t help) and although I was running 4 or 5 days a week, I train longer and faster now. It was also super hot that day, from what I can recall. I think I got a heat rash on my wrist. Still, a nice little 17-year improvement. At this rate, I should be competing in the Olympics by age 80.

But for reals: don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s too late.20005KAND20175K


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