Making Like A Tree

Change of plans today. On what would have normally been Long Run Pancake Sunday, I took a yoga class instead.

My sister Jaaron took this pic of me afterwards doing my best “tree pose.” Don’t I look just like a tree? By the way, those sun beams are real.

So this is all because my left heel started hurting right before I went to bed last night, and when I got up, it still wasn’t great. It wasn’t a sharp pain and I wasn’t limping or anything, it was just kind of a dull soreness. At first, I was going to do that thing runners love to do and pretend it didn’t exist. Early this morning I took an Ibuprofen out of the bottle, fully intending to take it, have a little cold brew, and then do my long run… but I started googling “heel pain” and quickly realized that maybe that wasn’t the smartest course of action. Maybe I should rest, I thought. I didn’t take the Ibuprofen.

I can’t remember ever having heel soreness, and I wonder if it’s a combination of running in two new pairs of shoes this week AND running harder than normal in yesterday’s 5K. Maybe I just need to take it easy for a couple of days. Of course the internet leads you down dark paths, and within minutes I was envisioning foot surgery, months of bed rest, crutches, the works. What will happen to my running blog? I wondered, as if that were the most important worry.

I remembered there was a yoga studio within walking distance of my house that I’d wanted to check out months ago and hadn’t yet. So I decided to sign up for a 90-minute Hatha yoga class (the easy kind) at 9AM that wound up being great.

I hadn’t taken a yoga class in maybe over two years, but I’ve taken enough of them that I kind of knew what to expect. We did a bunch of sun salutations, warrior poses, tree poses, varies twists and turns, and the hardest pose was probably the shoulder stand, which I don’t think I was doing correctly but I did manage to keep my legs up in the air the whole time.

I think I did okay. The teacher only corrected me once (while in “fish pose”) so that was a relief. Nothing worse than being the new person in a yoga class and having the teacher keep coming over to you to pull your body in the position it’s supposed to be in. I mean, it’s good that they do. It just makes me feel like a bad student, something I have never been and don’t intend to start being now.

Maybe this was the best thing I could have done today, the day after a good 5K when my foot feels weird. I didn’t burn as many calories as I usually do on Sundays – no pancakes for me today – but that’s okay. Things don’t always work out exactly how you planned, and nobody is perfect.

Case in point:




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