A Chili Is In the Air

I LOVE NEW STUFF. It’s so rare I get new stuff, let alone three new stuffs in one day.

I wore my new Saucony Guides today. They felt great. It’s been (gulp) a year since I replaced my running shoes. I know this is WAY too long. Don’t do this. Last year, I’d wanted to track my gear in mapmyrun, so the first day I ran in my new shoes I added them to the app. But I didn’t realize you had to manually select them every time you ran. So once I realized the app hadn’t tracked them for several runs, I gave up and never kept track.

I’ll track them from now on, as with two pairs, I want to see how much I’m running in each.

The Guides felt great. They’re stability shoes, so I could definitely feel a nice solid foundation supporting the inner foot – more than my last shoes, which were Saucony Cohesions. Just the right amount of cushion. I think they made me run a little faster too, as I clocked a 9:10 pace for 4.3 miles, a pace I typically keep up for 3.


I also love my new socks, also by Saucony. I love the band around the middle and they feel great whether my shoes are on or off. I swear this is not an ad. I just like new stuff! I’m not big enough to have ads. Please. I’m nobody.


And I used my new Edelin headphones, which worked beautifully. First of all, I love the little carrying case they come in.


Hi, I look like that cute little droid from Star Wars

And I love that they came with three set of buds, because my ear canals are very dainty and small, like a delicate lady’s, so anything larger would not work for me. The only thing I couldn’t figure out how to put on (or really, I was just too impatient to figure it out) was the little clasp that binds the strap together in the back. I just ran without it and it wasn’t a problem.


They’re more soft and rubbery than they look. And I could actually hear a difference between these and my old Jabras – the bass is better in these. So glad I got them. Now let’s see how long they last.

Finally, today’s run was extra nice because it was the first day it truly felt like fall – about 50 degrees and windy. I LOVE running in cooler weather. I actually love running in COLD weather. There’s something so refreshing and clean about it, and it makes me feel like I’m working. Like I’m suffering. It makes anything I eat afterwards that much more rewarding. There’s nothing better than a run in sub-zero temperatures followed by a huge bowl of chili. I mean COME ON. What’s better than that? Don’t say sex or money, because both of those answers are wrong.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying out my new Saucony Kinvaras, which I am excited about.

I just decided: I’m making chili this weekend.

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