Mini Boomboxes and Major Pancakes

My old Jabra headphones are DEAD. Done. Kaput. I charged them after yesterday’s run but when I went to check on them last night, the charging light wasn’t on. So I figured, okay, I won’t have headphones for this morning’s 10 miler. I realized that I could still play music from my phone – it just wouldn’t be going directly in my ears.

So that’s exactly what I did. I blasted one of my running playlists right from my phone on my arm, like a mini boombox, for 10 miles. And it was great! I didn’t mind it at all – until I got home and realized that the high volume I had it set on drained almost my entire battery. So I may not do it all the time, but every now and then, it might be fun to skip the headphones and entertain passersby with Nine Inch Nails and Madonna and Billy Idol and my eclectic mix of 80s pop.

And when I got home, my new headphones were waiting for me.


I haven’t even opened them yet. I’ll give the full report on Tuesday of how they worked.

It was misty this morning but I went out anyway, assuming it would stop at some point, which it did. It was overcast, humid but cool, and I felt good. I actually felt a little TOO good, racing through the first three miles at an average 9:00 pace, until I reminded myself that this is my long run, my easy run. No need to push it. I naturally slowed a bit anyway, but still, overall I averaged a 9:24 pace, just a hair slower than yesterday’s 6 miler, and way faster than last week’s sluggish 9:57.


My sister took this pic of me in the backyard afterwards. I am posing with my sons, Saki and MacGregor.

I really love my 10 mile route. It’s a good mix of flats, uphills, and downhills. The biggest uphill is in mile 3 (the infamous James Street). The second biggest uphill is in mile 6. There’s a nice downhill in mile 2 and another in mile 4. It’s mostly steady until the last two miles, which are a mix of quick uphills and downhills – all the hill stuff is spread out pretty nicely. I run on mostly quiet streets, past the harbor, along the cliffs that lead down to the water, alongside a golf course. As with all my routes in Northport, it’s mostly picturesque and quiet and serene.

And as I usually do post-long-run, I made pancakes. I used Bob’s Red Mill’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix for the first time, and it did not disappoint.


Get in my belly

This is more pancakes than I usually eat, but the recipe didn’t say how many it made… so I figured I’d just eat all of them. I hate to waste!!!

I’m not saying that pancakes are the sole reason I run, but they are one of them.

I am now off to Super Runners Shop to buy new shoes, finally! I hope to have a lot of new gear to write about this week.

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