Worse With Wear, Better With Age

It rained all morning so I just waited it out and ran a little after noon. So many cars on the road at that time! The nerve! I can’t believe people have to go places at the same time I’m running. So disrespectful.

I did the 6 mile run I’ve been wanting to do all week. I felt good and rested. I ate a lot more than I normally do before a run given the time, but it was mostly all carbs (cereal, a slice of bread, crackers, a fig) so I had a good amount of energy.

My headphones are SO CLOSE to being in the garbage. Like, hours away. I ordered a new pair yesterday after getting many recommendations from a runners group I belong to on Facebook. There seem to be a lot of good options, and even though I had never heard of the brand before, I settled on these Edelins for a few reasons:

  1. I like the over-the-ear design. My Jabra Sport Pace has that same design, and I’m just used to it. I’ve always had issues with ear buds, and those headphones where the little hook goes over the inner part of your ear is just weird to me. For all I know they’re the most comfortable things you could ever stick in your ear, but they don’t really let you try them on in the store so I’d rather play it safe.
  2. There was an overwhelming number of positive reviews on Amazon for the product, averaging 4.5 stars. I even checked it at fakespot and it got a A, so I knew it wasn’t a page of fakes.
  3. They were marked down from $119.99 to $29.97! That’s incredible savings. And after this Jabra experience, I was hesitant to spend a whole lot again. I figured if these crap out on me, I’m just out 30 bucks.
  4. They are made for running and therefore (I am hoping/assuming) sweat-resistant.

I had to use my Jabras this morning and before I headed out, I noticed that one side of the phones was broken, like the casing for the battery had come loose. I wonder if this is the cause of the constant “battery medium” and “battery low” warnings. Even though they’re so close to being trashed, I thought it might help to put a rubber band around them to hold it in place.


It’s been fun, Jabra

Although they charged overnight, I got the “battery medium” warning ONE MINUTE into being outside – I was still WALKING for god’s sake – and then once every mile got the “battery low” warning. Again, they never quit. Just the warnings. The threat. Annoying.

My new ones are due to arrive tomorrow during the day, so I’ll get one last run in with the Jabras tomorrow morning.

I love my 6 mile route because part of it is right along the top of the cliff that leads down to the water, so there are some nice views. I did something I hardly ever do during a run today, which is stop running, but I wanted to take this pic.


I get so tired taking pictures of myself, so I think some of these run pics do not have to include my face. I’m not a selfie person. I never really “got” that whole… thing. Maybe I just don’t love my face enough? I mean, it’s fine I guess? But do I feel like people need to see it all the time when it hasn’t really changed much since the last time they saw it? Do I really need to show them again? Did they forget? Is this enough questions for one paragraph?

One amazing thing about today’s run: it was basically a 10K, and I ran it faster than the Cow Harbor 10K race I ran in 1999 when I was 25.


Yep, it’s still online

In other words, my 43-year-old ass did an easy run faster than my 25-year-old ass ran a goddamn race.

Come at me, old age. Because I will FIGHT YOU.


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