So Basic

I am very happy right now because it is Bagel Friday at work and I am eating a bagel. This week it’s a whole wheat everything with just a little butter. Friday mornings are rough only in the sense that I have to wait 2.5 to 3 hours later than normal to eat breakfast. But it’s all worth it. Because of the bagels.

I had a GOOD RUN today. Such an improvement over how I felt two days ago. Maybe because I had extra sleep last night: a whole five and a half hours! Luxurious! I actually felt very well rested – maybe I’ve trained my body to get by on less sleep. Can you do that? If so, then I have. Bodies are miracles. I really believe that. I try my best to treat mine well. I try to always be aware of the fact that each of us only gets one body. ONE. That’s it! ONE BODY! NO REPLACEMENTS! This idea truly frightens me to the point where I feel as though I have no option but to be good to mine.

I’d originally wanted to do 6 miles this morning but was low on time, so I did my 4.3-mile route (which was 4.43 miles today due to me starting a little closer to home). I kept it at about 9:20 a mile for the first two miles, then slowed down a little due to a slight incline. I normally end all my runs with a very steep but not-too-long hill, which also slows my overall pace but it’s worth it. So today was just a basic run. Which is different from a basic bitch run, which I only do when I’m in a bad mood.


Not a basic bitch runner

Although I know I’m overdue for new shoes and want to get a Garmin THIS WEEKEND, lately the most annoying piece of gear I own is my Jabra Sport headphones. I just looked up when I bought them (thanks anal retentive spreadsheet keeping!) and it was 10/4/16, almost exactly a year ago. Before that, I’d been running with wired headphones. Getting a wireless pair was life-changing. It took me a few days to get used to sticking things in my ears, as I’d never used ear buds before, but I got used to it and never looked back.

Here’s the thing: they work. I have to keep them charging ALL THE TIME, which is fine, but they do work. However, lately I’ve been getting the “battery medium” voice warning only minutes into my run. Today I got it after only a few minutes, and then once every 10 minutes after that I got the “battery low” warning – but they never crapped out on me. They kept working. So it’s like, they work – there’s just a constant threat of them not working that is just annoying. They’re like the boy who cried wolf. Stop lying to me, headphones!

So even though it seems a little wasteful of me, I want to get a new pair. I’ll probably go with another brand this time. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m all… ears. Sorry.

Here is a lovely shot of today’s bagel, which I have finished eating. Oh bagel. I miss you already.


You were so good


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