Basement Jacked

MORE RAIN! I don’t understand why it was raining this morning. Last night my dog-themed weather app said it would not be raining this morning. So then how come it was raining this morning? Weather should be 100% predictable!!!

So today I settled for an at-home workout, opting for something a little more challenging than just an upper body strength training routine: I chose one from Fitness Blender that incorporates upper body, lower body, and HIIT. It’s short but intense, and I feel like I got in a little cardio, at least. The only thing I really don’t like are burpees, mostly because I have weak wrists and it’s really uncomfortable to bend them, so I wind up leaning on my knuckles or fingertips to do burpees, which is tiring.

I captured myself doing one of the exercises (a push-up + row) because I guess now that I have a blog, I have to take lots of pictures of myself. Also, it’s a good view of my gym, which is actually my basement.


I’m happy with how my body is changing as I’m becoming more focused on getting strong. I just wish my arms looked more muscular when at rest. Right now they can look good if I flex them, but I want them to look strong when they’re hanging at my side instead of the limp noodles I feel they resemble.

I really like working out in my basement. I can control the music, the temperature, and I don’t have to wait for a sweaty grunting dude to get off a machine. It’s great. It’s also free! I have thought of taking a yoga class or two – there are a few studios near my house – so I am definitely open to going to classes outside. But for just lifting weights, I think I’m fine staying home.

Anyway, I don’t have too much else to write about today. I still need to get new running shoes, a Garmin, and probably new headphones soon. Stay away tomorrow, rain. Please!


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