Road Signs

I’m not a big believer in fate. I don’t necessarily think “things happen for a reason.” I do believe in the human need to make sense of things – I totally get that, and I’ve done it myself. Magic makes us feel good, and why wouldn’t we want to feel good? But I’m logical, and tend to look at the world that way.

So when I’ve been thinking about, talking about, and researching buying a more advanced and accurate run tracker – but also kinda putting it off – and then my phone GPS craps out on me during a run, it really makes me wonder about the unseen forces of the universe: is it telling me to stop procrastinating so much? Or was it just a fluke?

So yes, this morning’s run involved sucky phone GPS. As I passed the first mile marker of my fast-but-short 3-mile run, the voice prompt that usually pops up didn’t happen. And when I looked at my phone, the time was advancing but nothing else – no pace, no distance, no calories. It was all at zero. Since I knew the route I was running was exactly 3 miles, I figured I’d input everything manually later, which is what I wound up doing. As always, this was AN ORDEAL.

I’ve been running with an iPhone for as long as I’ve had one and using mapmyrun regularly since 2014. Before mapmyrun, I can’t fully remember how I tracked runs but I don’t know that I did. I don’t think I did until I got more serious about running in 2014. Now that I do, I don’t want to stop.

I’ve gotten much more into tracking things in the past few years. More and more, I am writing down, analyzing, and preserving all of my “life data” in various pieces of software: how long and far and fast I run, when I work out, which workout I do, how many steps I take, how many calories I burn, how many calories I take in, which foods I eat, how much I weigh, how much I spend, how much I make, how much I still owe my credit cards, what books I read, what pilots I’ve read, what happens at all of my doctor appointments, details of business-related phone conversations – all of these things are written down somewhere in a document or chart or spreadsheet or app. I LIKE keeping track of this stuff. It makes me feel good. I have all the answers! I am in control!!!

So naturally, as I get more serious about not only running but Keeping Track of Stuff, I’ve thought about getting a Garmin running watch. (I considered other brands but after research and recommendations from friends, I’m going with Garmin.) I know phone GPS is always wonky – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Mine usually does, for the most part, although occasionally I’ll check the route and see that it looks like I’ve gone though people’s living rooms and in and out of stores and zig zagged all over the street like a drunk gorilla on a unicycle (please take a moment to picture that… you’re welcome). If it’s really bad, I’ll correct the route on the site, but this is exhausting to do all the time.

So anyway, this post is my very long-winded way of saying that I am officially getting a Garmin. And universe, if you had anything to do with pushing me to do this sooner rather than later… thanks. Also universe, how do you even understand words? You’re a universe.

I was so distracted and annoyed by the whole GPS snafu that I forgot to take a pic outside this morning. So here is my pic after I had taken off my shoes in the laundry room.


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