Hello Darkness, My New Friend

Today was a “rest” day (meaning, I did a 25-minute upper body strength training workout). When I say “rest” I mean “no run.” I tend to not run the day after my long run. My brain says “oh come on” but my legs say “NO” then my brain is like “just a little?” and my legs are like “FUCK OFF.” I wish I could be one of those people who runs seven days a week, but five seems more realistic for now.

I recently started working at a job in NYC, and while I am very happy to have it (for however long it will last), initially I was worried about now having to run in the darkness of morning. The days are getting shorter and I need to be out of the house by 8, which means getting up at 5 to get everything done I need to get done, including heading out for a run no later than 6 or 6:30, depending on the distance. So I was worried I would hate it.


Walking my sons at 5:15am

I have come to realize that I like it. In fact… I like it very much.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite fantasies was having the ability to stop time. Literally everything on the planet would come to a halt except for me. In this Twilight Zone-esque world, I could roam around freely, popping into stores, taking whatever candy and clothes (the only things that mattered) I wanted. I could relax, watch tv, read, and generally be left alone. Later versions of the fantasy had me catching up on homework.

No matter how it played out, I always had plenty of time to get everything done while the rest of the world remained frozen, thereby enabling me to not feel the anxiety of “being behind” once I decided to unfreeze Earth. And of course it was always my decision as to when that would happen, if at all.

Running before most of the world (well, time zone) gets up fulfills a little bit of this fantasy. Unless a car or another runner is passing me, it usually feels like I’m the only one alive. Or at the very least, makes me feel like I’m taking action to not be “behind” as I’m starting my day with the sense of having accomplished something.

It’s also nice to run in relative quiet. I lived in cities for so long, I think I’m really cherishing the tranquility of suburban life.

Here’s to the darkness. As well as The Darkness, a fun band that had some hit songs in 2003.



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