Runnin’ Down a Dream

Yesterday was a weights day, and I didn’t write anything. Mostly I didn’t write anything because that senseless massacre in Las Vegas suddenly made my upper body workout seem not all that important. It’s hard to write about normal stuff every time things like that happen. Sad that I have to write “every time things like that happen” because they seem to happen ALL THE TIME.

And then Tom Petty dies. Then he’s not dead. Then he is. Which sucks, because he was really talented and way too young to be old. I thought Tom Petty was great. R.I.P. Tom Petty.

And then we move on because what else can we do?

My hips felt a little tight yesterday, I’m sure because of how hard I ran that 5K the day before. I did some extra hip flexor stretches yesterday (my absolute fave stretch), which I do by placing one foot on top of the other, top knee bent and facing forward. The bottom foot is attached to the hip I’m stretching, and I stick it out to the side as far as it can go. I am a little self-conscious when I do this in public, because it looks like I have to pee. But I don’t have to pee. I’m just stretching my hips. In case anyone from the office saw me standing by the photocopier yesterday doing this. I did not have to pee.


I do not have to pee

So I wanted to take it a little easy today. At the same time, I wanted to run longer than I normally do because even though I ran a 5K race on Sunday in lieu of my long run, I still feel guilty about missing the long run. Ah, guilt. The great motivator. So I compromised, and instead of my usual 4.3 mile route, I did a 5.6. I ran a 9:42 pace – comfortable, not pushing it, but not sluggish either.


I started out in the dark, wearing my reflective strap and hoping it was working. Nobody hit me with their car so I guess it did. I get a little nervous going down a busy road in the dark. But by the time I hit the second mile, the light was starting to come up and I was in less busy road territory.

I just remembered that Daylight Saving Time ends in early November. So thankfully we’ll be going back to normal – what it’s SUPPOSED to be – and it’ll be lighter at 6am. I really hate Daylight Saving Time and think it’s stupid. It’s very stupid and dumb. We don’t need 8:30pm summer sunsets. We don’t need to be completely thrown off our sleep schedules and routines twice a goddamn year. I want to write a whole post one day about how stupid I think it is. For now I’ll settle for a paragraph.

During this morning’s last mile, while heading up a very slight incline towards home, I had a few minutes of that “pure bliss” feeling, hitting that point where I don’t even feel like I’m a part of my body – like I’m floating above it while it’s moving, not feeling discomfort or pain or really anything at all, my muscles seemingly moving independent of my mind and “myself,” and feeling as if I could go on forever. Almost a dream-like, trance-like state. This happens every so often towards the ends of my runs, even when going up an incline, for some weird reason. It’s a great feeling and I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where the entire run is like that. I imagine that’s what drugs is like. I guess that’s why people like drugs.

It was colder than usual this morning. But I love it. I’m tired of running in hot and humid weather. Bring on autumn, bitches. Pumpkin spice everything. Dead leaves. Acorns. Chili. Boots. Seeing my breath. Just don’t snow yet – I’m not quite ready for that.

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