Every Body Hurts, Sometimes

MY FOOT HURTS. This sucks. It’s not debilitating and it’s not what I would call “pain,” but it was uncomfortable enough walking that I didn’t run this morning. Instead I did a short but intense Fitness Blender cardio/weights workout with the word “brutal” in the title. I would have done it twice if I’d had enough time. I need to punish my body for sucking. This is a very healthy way to think and to live.

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She’s An Easy Runner

Every once in awhile, I have to remind myself it’s okay to relaaax.

See, I like to stay on course, not veer from my routine, not break streaks. I’m a leetle anal. I tend to blow things out of proportion, like thinking if I take a day off from running I’ll lose all the progress I’ve made, or if I go over my allotted calories for the day I’ll gain 10 pounds overnight. You know, very LOGICAL things that very NORMAL people think.

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Old Dog, New Tricks

I did an upper body workout this morning: Fitness Blender’s good old “Bored Easily” series, in which no set is repeated throughout the routine. I like those. Although I am feeling like maybe I should start switching it up by doing completely different routines by completely different people on different websites and so forth. It’s easy to get stuck in a “rut,” if you can call it that – even when you are working out regularly.

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I’m Coming For You, Sevens: Greenlawn Fire Dept. Halloween 5K Race Recap

HELLO NEW 5K PR!!! This morning I ran the Greenlawn Fire Department, Engine Company, Halloween 5K and was really pleased with not only the race, the organizers, and the weather (upper 50s, sunny but shaded by lots of trees on the course), but my 25:06 finish (8:05 pace). I beat my last 5K, which was 3 weeks ago, by 20 seconds.

My last three 5K races show a steady improvement:

Commack 5K, Aug. 12 – Time 26:39 / Pace: 8:34
Elwood 5K, Oct. 1 – Time 25:26 / Pace 8:12
Greenlawn 5K, Oct. 21 – Time 25:06 / Pace: 8:05

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I Got One Hand Next to Bagel

Ah, it is Bagel Friday at work once again. I love Bagel Friday. ALMOST as much as Pancake Sunday. A close second to that. It’s hard to beat anything with the word “pancake” in it.

I used to not run on Fridays – for the past few years my run days have been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (unless it rained or I wasn’t feeling well and then I’d switch with another day) – but ever since I started working in an office that does Bagel Fridays, now I actually want to run on Fridays to counteract the calories in the bagel, which is a lot because the ones we get are LARGE. (Bagels are generally 80 calories an ounce and large bagels can be 8 or 9 ounces… and I do not lie to myfitnesspal).

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