Getting Faster for Pancakes

I have discovered Fit Snap. While I COULD just post a screenshot of my distance, duration, and pace, isn’t it more fun to see MY BEAUTIFUL FACE TOO?? I took this right after I finished this morning’s run. I couldn’t see the pic as I took it because I hate using the selfie camera on account of it being shitty and bad. I still have an iPhone 5S because I keep phones until they die. Edited with Faded.

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September 20, 2017

Do I HAVE to have a title on these posts? I hate coming up with them. Okay, it’s settled: no titles. Maybe just the date. The date will be the title. Glad I figured this out!

I started doing “speed work” a few months ago, and I usually do it Wednesdays. I put “speed work” in quotes because it’s not SUPER intensive, and also I still have this hang up that I’m slow and always will be (even though I’ve seen my pace increase this past summer). Continue reading “September 20, 2017”

Coming Out of the Dark

Is every post title going to be a song title? Ugh, probably! I also need a new title for this blog. I hastily wrote “Run to You” only because I very lazily thought “uh what’s a song with the word run in it” so I thought of Bryan Adams’ Run to You because it’s one of my favorite songs of all time (and when I first saw the video, I immediately knew I was heterosexual. That’s why I know it’s not a choice!!!) But yeah, there’s no double meaning there. It’s just… a song title. It’s dumb and I will change it. Continue reading “Coming Out of the Dark”