You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything

So glad I managed to get out the door early enough to do 6 miles this morning. I cut it close, but I made it to the train on time by not dilly-dallying after my shower, eating a quick breakfast of cereal and banana (sprinkled with 1/3 tbsp. of mini chocolate chips because I DO WHAT I WANT), and doing my makeup on the train. I know all the corners to cut.

I love this route. I live on the north shore of Long Island, and I head north on this run until I can’t really go any farther north or else I’ll end up in the water, and I really don’t like swimming in running clothes, so I try to avoid that. Speaking of which, I’ve sadly realized that I’ll probably never do a triathlon, as my swimming skills are marginal at best. I can tread water just fine, and I’d probably last a good while should I ever capsize my boat (yes, I’ve thought about this, and no, I don’t own a boat) but I never learned the “right” way to swim. Even in elementary school when I lived in Port Jeff, I was always in the “low end” group in swim class, which were the worst swimmers, confined to the low end of the pool and green bathing suits to distinguish us from the kids who could do a back stroke with their eyes closed. Yes, there was a pool in our school. I’m still not sure if our town was rich or if it’s totally normal for there to be a swimming pool inside of an elementary school.


For today’s pic, I decided to take it as I ran. I have to admit, this was a big pain in my ass. I had to take off my arm band, open my camera, aim it, take a few, look at them, take a few more, put the phone back in the arm band, put the arm band back on my arm – all without stopping to walk. I also did this while going up a slight hill. I felt a little out of breath after the whole ordeal. All in the name of getting the shot. Worth it, I guess.

I’m still amazed with what my new “easy pace” is. So much changed this past summer as I incorporated speed work, faster runs, and races into my training. I used to think 10:30 was a pretty fast pace for me. Now between 9:30 and 10:00 feels just fine. I’m excited to see how this keeps changing. One of the best things about running is seeing and feeling real change take place within my body when I just put in the work. It’s still incredible to me sometimes: I do the work and then I see results. Like… that actually works. You do stuff. Then good stuff happens because of doing that stuff. Wow! Truly amazing.

And at 43, I feel so appreciative that I can still get better. I think we grow up thinking that achieving ANYTHING after 40 is near impossible, that anything we’ll do at that point will happen on a kind of a plateau, a flat plane of sameness and monotony and maybe even decline – and then we get there and realize that there’s actually room for improvement at that point and beyond that point and even beyond that point. I probably won’t be winning the Boston marathon anytime soon or ever, but can I be better than I was last month? Heck yes. I’ve got time, baby.

The only drawback to eating chocolate chips so early in the day is now I want more. I did burn 700 calories this morning. Heck, maybe I’ll sprinkle some on my salad at lunch.




2 thoughts on “You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything

  1. That’s so awesome that you have seen your pace improve through speed work, etc. I think that’s one of my favorite things about running is getting to see myself improve–I don’t always see that so clearly in other aspects of my life!


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