I Really Just Wanted to Write About Bagels

Now that I think about it, maybe the titles on these posts should be more than just the date. Otherwise nobody will have a sense of what the post is about! Wow, this blogging stuff is very complicated. I’m just glad I started one, here in 2017, the year that everyone should be starting a blog.

I took two days off in a row from running again – something I so rarely do, but it was necessary due to my recent sleep schedule of 4 hours a night for the last two nights. Even if I had been able to drag myself out of bed at 5am instead of 6, I don’t know if I would have had enough energy to make it a productive run.

So for the past two mornings I’ve done workouts at home from my favorite workout site Fitness Blender. I’ve been doing Fitness Blender for a few years now. When I began working out again in earnest in 2014 (after years of being wishy-washy about it while I slowly gained 25 pounds), I was doing a lot of Tracy Anderson. I don’t mean a lot of Tracy Anderson videos, I mean literally one Tracy Anderson video 5 times a week. That workout – as I think is the case with all of her workouts – required only one set of 3 lb. weights. That is Tracy’s philosophy: do a whole lot of reps with a very low weight. Sometimes no weight at all. Not everyone agrees that’s the best way to strength train, but that’s her way, and for a while it worked for me. Until I started getting bored.

It was my friend Flossie who recommended Fitness Blender to me, and I checked them out and liked them. The site is run (and the workouts performed) by a charming and athletic married couple, Kelli and Daniel. I just do the workouts Kelli does, as she and I are both women and it’s just easier for me to follow a woman during a workout for whatever reason. They have a crap-ton (a.k.a. whole lot) of free workouts on their site, and you can find just about any kind of workout you need.

(By the way, I am not getting paid to write this! I mean why would I? This blog is less than a week old and I have 0 followers.)

This is them:


I mostly do Kelli’s upper body strength training workouts, but in the event I work out two days in a row, I’ll do a lower body or core one on the second day.

Here are my weights! Aren’t they pretty? And also my feet, which are also pretty. My weights range from 2 lb. to 10 lb. I recently went shopping for 12 lb. weights because I’m at that point, and I couldn’t find any. Or I should say, I couldn’t find any at the local Modell’s and then gave up. So I bought the 2 lb. weights and now when I want to lift 12 lb. I just hold a 10 and a 2 in each hand. So far I haven’t dropped anything on my foot or my face, which is a good thing!


I don’t know why the weights look blurry. I think it’s the lighting. This is a pretty shitty picture. I’m a photographer, too. This is embarrassing.

There is so much I want to write about because I’ve been working out and running and trying to eat well for so long, and I’ve never had a blog about any of it before. I feel like a fully grown adult who has lived a whole life and just gotten the ability to speak. But I’ll try to stick to one topic at a time. Right now I really want to write about bagels. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

And now that I’m done writing this post, I’ll think of a title for it.

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