On the way to work today, I decided to start a new blog about running. Specifically, what I want to accomplish in the next year until 2018’s Cow Harbor 10K. So I might only have this blog for a year. Unless I die before then! Then it would probably end.

It’s not really necessary to do this – I’ve been running fine on my own without a public blog my entire life. But for the past year and change, I’ve been writing daily in a private online journal. It’s just a boring diary. I mostly do it at the end of the day and only takes me 11-12 minutes, but it’s been a great exercise: it’s cathartic, it unravels my brain, and I make a point to do it daily (I only skipped one day in the past year when I went into the city one night in February and it just completely slipped my mind). So I thought, what if I started a second journal dedicated to running but make it public? That way, I’d be accountable for any goals I was trying to achieve, and maybe along the way I’d inspire 2 or possibly 3 people to read it? I’m honest-to-god not doing this to get a writing job or a book deal or become famous – I just want to a place to document stuff and stay consistent.

I’ll write more later, okay? This is just an introductory post! Calm down!!

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